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Jason and the Golden Fleece

No description

Alvin Josi

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Jason and the Golden Fleece

INITIATION SEPARATION - Jason marries the Princess of Corinth after everything that has happened in the past Freedom to Live - Jason imprisons Medea and when she got back at him
* This is when his life turns around Atonement with
the Father - The journey is initiated when Pelias sends Jason on a quest to fetch the Golden Fleece

- No refusal of the call Call to Adventure Supernatural Aid - The clashing rocks! The Belly of the Whale - When Jason had to plow the field with two
fire breathing bulls with blazen feet

- Plant the dragon seeds coming from teeth, that made soldiers come out and Jason had to beat them The Road of Trials RETURN Jason and the
Golden Fleece - Jason got help from Medea
* Medea gave Jason ointment to help his survival

- Cupid also helped by striking Medea by an arrow to fall in love with Jason - The return to Greece from Colchis Apotheosis - When Jason acquires the Golden Fleece The Ultimate Boom - Jason is returning to Greece and is getting followed The Magic Flight - When Jason thinks he can dump Medea and marry the Princess of Corinth, in order to take charge and do what he wants. Master of Two
Worlds - When Jason acquires the Golden Fleece The Ultimate Boom By: Shiny Patel, Elise Walsh Ryan Schoonejongen, Alvin Josi, Patrick Rath, and John Abreau
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