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Images of Sudan

Learn about North and South Sudan prior to the January 9, 2011 referendum on secession.

Michael Kersten

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Images of Sudan

the northern capital KHARTOUM The newly constructed 24-story luxury Burj Al-Fateh Hotel. A Khartoum resident shops at Hypermarket, a superstore in the city's first mall. Young women enjoy the good life at Ozone Cafe with ice cream and outdoor air-conditioning. The Great Mosque in downtown Khartoum Population: 5.2 million JUBA Population: 250,000 A major thoroughfare in downtown Juba. Juba has tripled in population since 2005 luring hucksters and workers with the promise of jobs and peace. Cattle on the street in Juba Steel bridge over the While Nile in Juba President Salva Kiir one of the founders of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM)
ethnic Dinka tribesman
devout Christian (Catholic)
always wears trademark cowboy hat (gift from George W. Bush) the southern capital President
Omar al-Bashir leader of Sudan since 1989 Islamist-backed coup
ethnic Ja'alin Arab
devout Sunni Muslim
indicted by International Criminal Court (ICC) for genocide in Darfur DARFUR the western province Neglected and underdeveloped province
Subject to expanding Sahara Desert
Ignored during North-South peace talks
African Muslim tribal peoples are farmers
Raided and destroyed by government-backed Arab "Janjaweed" militias
Conflict has been called "genocide" by the United Nations (after 3 years of denial by China and the U.S.)
Violence continues today... One of many refugee camps in neighboring Chad, home to thousands of displaced Darfuris ABYEI never forget the border province SUDAN NGOK DINKA ("African" tribe of farmers/herders) MISSERIYA ("Arab" tribe of grazers) The CPA guarantees "grazing rights" to the Misseriya in Abyei. A special Abyei referendum will determine if the province joins the North or the South. OIL! OIL FIELDS GREATER NILE PETROLEUM PIPELINE PORT SUDAN the main port city CHINA THE SUDD the swampy source of the Nile Planned by Egypt and Khartoum in the 1940s, Jonglei Canal would have diverted the Nile from the Sudd to supply more water to the North. The Second Sudanese Civil War began in 1983 and the Southern army has ended all construction on Jonglei Canal. THE SAHARA world's largest hot desert CPA Comprehensive Peace Agreement, 2005 Peace treaty ending 1983-2005 Civil War
Set up 50-50 revenue sharing of oil wealth between North and South
Established autonomous government, separate currency, and capital in South Sudan
Set timetable for referendum (vote) on independence for South Sudan
UNAMIS (United Nations Mission in Sudan) has been monitoring the peace and will help with vote. ALLIES AND ENEMIES Northern President Omar al-Bashir Attracted to pan-Islamic and pan-Arab causes
Gave safe haven to Osama bin Laden in the 1980s
Supplies Hamas in Palestine with Iranian arms Southern President Salva Kiir U.S.A. helped negotiate CPA in 2005 after outcry from evangelical Christian community
Thousands of Southern Sudanese "Lost Boys" are refugees in the U.S.A.
Recent WikiLeaks shows U.S.A. publicly denied knowing about Ukrainian arms shipments into South Sudan. January 9, 2011 "There are many cynics who say Sudan is a married couple in angry divorce, so they are frightened of the violent fights." "But we see Sudan as a mother giving birth to twins - once the labour pains are over, the two children can grow up as friends." MAY PEACE PREVAIL SECOND SUDANESE
2005 1.9 mil
dead THE NORTH THE SOUTH ~ Mary Tombe
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