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Interview Techniques

BSU HE Information Session

Anna Jenner

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Interview Techniques

Why do employers want to
interview applicants?

Plan what you're going to wear
A good fit?
Verification of application
Understanding of the job
Knowledge of the company
Communication Skills
Opportunity for you
Plan your journey
What to take with you
Don't panic!
Take deep breaths to calm down. Remember it's just a job!
Have confidence in yourself
First Impressions
Talk and actively listen
Take time to answer questions well and appropriately
"When interviewing graduates, our questions relate to the competencies and skills required for the role. Read the advert and the job description carefully and try to have some examples that relate to the competencies mentioned."

HR Manager, Five
Types of questions
Exploratory questions - academic record, past experiences
Example Questions
1. Tell me about a time when you have worked effectively in a team.

2. Describe your two main weaknesses.

3. If your best friend had to describe you in three words, what would they be
and why?

4. Describe a time when you have successfully persuaded another person to
do something you wanted them to do.

5. Tell me how you plan and organise your exam revision.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
Ask Questions
It's your decision too
Type of Interview
Confirm time, place and how you will get there
Key competencies
After the Interview
If you don't get the job...
Interview Techniques
Body Language
Types of questions
Knowledge of position and organisation
Types of questions
Competency-based questions
Situation/Task/Action/Result and Reflection
Types of questions
Self-awareness and motivation
Any questions?
Anna Jenner
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