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Kevin Wang

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Fashion

Our Future - Fashion
Environment - By Kevin Wang
Social--by Chloe Zhang
How does the use of synthetic fibers impact the environment?
How has fashion changed in recent years due to greater awareness of the environment (and sustainability)?
How can products be produced with less impact on the environment?
-colors and clothing form

-Chinese traditional wedding dress
-Clothes of Muslim
-Clothes of sikhs

What are the differences between traditional clothes and modern fashion?
-Print on clothes
-clothing form
Why are some traditional clothes not used now?
Modern clothes are more convenient and comfortable.
What types of traditional clothes are still used today?
-Hanbok--Korean traditional clothes

How have the fashion trends changed over time?
"The way fashion changes is indicative of how a society or culture changes and evolves. Our clothing and style changes as we change, as technology becomes more advanced, and as our attitudes change as a society."

Natalie – FashioNZ editor
(source from FASHIONZ, 18th June , 2010)
Why people keep follow the fashion trends?
influenced greatly by popular culture, including athletes, musicians, movie stars, politicians, royalty, as well as popular films, television shows, books , music and fashion industry’s advertising.
How is online shopping affecting in-store shopping and the lives of consumers?
Technology- Jenny
Is technology taking over for the workers that work in factories?
 What are the advantages of using technologies to make clothes?
What is 'wearable technology' and how could it affect our future fashion?
1. obsess with smart fabric clothes or their phones or their smart watches.
2. bad for our health
3. 3D printing could have an energy-wasting effect to our environemnt.
3D printer
1. body scanning
2.Cost efficiency
3. reduce production time
What are the disadvantages of
fashion and technology?
"And even further into the future, people speculate that 3-D printing could essentially eliminate the fashion manufacturing industry entirely--that instead of buying clothes, we'll just print them." said DHANI MAU.
"Brands have very different size charts," said co-founder Dipra Ray. "Even one brand can have different fits: ones for a skinny fit, for a straight fit, for slim fit, and so on. We truly believe the mPod is the answer – it works across every sizing system."
seven seconds to capture 200,000 points used to develop a 3D avatar of a person's body
 Wearable technology is devices that can be worn by a consumer and often include tracking information related to health and fitness.
"Now the whole field is heating up, with fashion and technology united in a wildly creative dance that blends fashion with function. Smart fabrics and designs can make clothing visually appealing and useful in a host of new ways."
What is the relationship between fashion and culture?
- Pollution
-Global warming
- A large threat to the natural environment
- Food imitation
What can be done to eliminate fast fashion?
2. Eco-fashion
3. 2nd hand clothing stores
4. Donate clothes
5. Use clothes for longer duration
- Natural fibers
- Ethical fashion shows
- Fashion magazine
- Bangladesh clothing factory incident
- London Fashion Week (LFW)
style of dresses& skirts change over time
"Online shopping continues to grow as websites improve and people become more comfortable shopping online, but offline shopping is also improving as a result of the competition. It looks like we'll end up with the best aspects of both rather than a complete transfer to online." Andrew Walker
Bibliography 1
what is a sweatshop?

sweatshop is a place where people work for low wages in poor conditions, especially in the clothing industry.

what do sweatshop

sweatshop exists because private labels, need yo control cost and maintain low inventory and respond quickly to change in fashion
what are working conditions in sweatshops?

most workers work in swearshop are women and children

most of the workers work 14-16 hours and don’t have any wages
Is there anything we can do to stop sweatshops?
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3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti,
we can ensure that no companies force children and woman
we can rnsure that companies give the workers the rightwages
Lily- Political
By Chloe Zhang, Kevin Wang, Lily Gong, Jing Chen, Jenny Peng
"we already know that the average smartphone user checks their device an average of 150 times a day."
-Inuit traditional clothes
-Chinese traditional clothes-dragon robe
-Chinese Miao Minority traditional clothes.
-Jeans and T-shirt
Some people wear their traditional clothes in traditional
festival or on their birthday.
Will the fashion industry be more or less environmentally friendly in the future?
Anon., 2014. Dezeen. [Online]
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