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Emilys Prezi

No description

Emily Biggers

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Emilys Prezi

Who Am I you ask? My names Emily And this. Is my Prezi. =) I like to photoshop pictures Oh yeah. This is me. Some things I like to do
Im in competitive Dancing
I sing. But not very well
I live for mangos, and creamsicles
soccer, hockey, and basketball are my favorite sports Im a bright kinda person. =) I Go to St.Francis Junior High school In Lethbridge, Alberta of course! My best friends are:
Sorry if I forgot to add you. =) My oh so cool bestfriends are always there for me. =) <3 Im a dancer. Oh yeah. I told you that already. =) I listen to Carrie Underwood Now. Theres nothing much more to talk about. =) Whats your fav pic?Mines the water lily one =) HAHA I'm thirteen, I have blonde hair, and blue eyes.
My background is German. Im pale, but I don't really care.
About my family.
I have three brothers, and one sister. where do I want to be in 2 years?
Well. I don't like school, so grade 9.
Hopefully I'll be able to visit Washington for my dance.
The person I listen to the most is Justin Bieber.
My mom has called me Mrs.Bieber, because I love him that much. :)
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