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Juan Paco Pedro De La Mar 2014

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of BLUE

Student Council Party

What does BLUE mean?
B uilding
L eaders &
U niting
E verybody
Our Goal:
Is that students have the best 2014/2015 school year.
Seventh graders have a fun and loving year.
Eight graders have a delightful year.
Ninth graders have a memorable school year.
President: Bárbara Martínez
Vice-president: Armando Quirasco
Secretary: Alejo Sobrevia
Vice-secretary: Sofia Guerra
Treasurer: Bárbara Rodríguez
Vice-treasurer: Catalina Cantú
When we go to the Rancho Tec we will buy tapiocas and we will bring ice popsicles (August and May). Also we will have rallys like water ballon fights, soccer, american football (tochito) etc..
Frozen food on August and June.

Donate old toys for a foster home.
Pajama Day: you´ll be able to come with your pajamas and drink hot cocoa during recess.
Twin Day: you´ll be dressed the same as one of your friends or classmates.
Clue day: it is based on the board game “Clue”. Staff members will create the game in real life.
In Love: Students will be able to bring a t-shirt with “I Love…”
Costume Day:
you can wear a costume using dress code..
sport shoes at sport recess.
Movie day at the gym.
At the Olympics we will be able to bring sport shirt and shoes according to your color and dress code.
All our proposals are accepted we will try our best for making everything possible. And remember,

Don't Be Afraid Of Being Different!

Three 100 in quizzes you will receive a free homework pass.
Voluntary tutoring: if you have a 95 up in a subject you will be allowed to give tutoring and receive 5 extra points in the exam.
Once a month we will place some emergency kit in the girls restrooms including: bobby pins and deodorant.
Music on every 4th Friday of the month on recess and student would be allowed to place the music.
X-mas mail and carnations.
Snacks to the Highest Group Average per semester.
Sport events: BrillaClasico, Dunk Contest, BrillaSuper Bowl, Lakers vs. Heat Game, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona.
Costume Day: students will be allowed to bring clothes representing character according to dress code.
Fifa week: all the week at recess we will make a fifa tournament.
On Wednesdays we wear pink: every two months on a Wednesday you’ll be able to wear a pink shirt and in cold days a pink hoodie.
Through the Year:
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