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Digital Access

No description

cristina del hoyo

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Digital Access

Addressing the issue.

Addressing the issue.
Campaigns and promotions can help individuals find access points in the community.

Provide more access to discounted internet services to individuals with limited resources.

Train individuals on how to use access the internet and promote the benefits rather than the disadvantages.

Provide faster access to networks.
Accessing the digital world...
Digital Access
The benefits.
Community benefits
There is a lot of people that still do not have access to adequate means of internet communication.

One of the main reasons.. they cannot afford it.

They are not aware that they can have access to discounted internet access service.
Poverty is the main issue.

Accessibility to a facility where internet broadband is available can be difficult to find.

Disability can impede an individual to find proper access.

Lack of education on how to use the internet.

Individuals believe the internet is not an important part of their lives.

Seniors have very little understanding on how to use the internet because of lack of education towards this specific group of individuals.
The community will benefit from better educated digital citizens.

Better job opportunities.

More access to internet spots.

Higher education retention.

Increased connections.

The relevancy will become clearer to more individuals on the importance of the internet and the access of to it.
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