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Katie Metcalfe

on 5 December 2011

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Transcript of Inclusion

Inclusion What is the Dictionary
Definition of Inclusion? "All students with disabilities
are placed in their neighborhood
schools in general education classrooms
for an entire day; general education
teachers have the primary responsibility
for students with disabilities." Least Restrictive Environment "A legal term refering to the
fact that exceptional children
must be educated in as normal
an environment as possible." Schools Marlowe Middle School Lake Mills High School Wisconsin Dells High School Lakes Community High School Closer Look Interviews with Special Education
Instructors -Drew Wellman -Valene Sparber

-Betsy Schulz -Melissa Cross
Drew Wellman Valene Sparber Betsy Schulz Melissa Cross Wisconsin Dells High School
Marlowe Middle School Lakes Community High School Lake Mills High School "The commitment to educate each child, to the greatest extent possible and appropriate, in the school and classes they would normally attend if they were not a child with a disability. This means creating a system of support that allows the student with a disability the opportunity to be educated with their peers rather than removing them from that class. It is a service delivery model that operates on the premise that a child with a disibility should begin in the regular classroom and be removed if needed." "A level of differentiation that allows students with special needs to participate with success." "It depends on the student, but in general it's providing special education support in the regular education environment." "When a student with special needs is able to participate in the regular education world with accommodations if needed." Common Ground Each school may have different views, but... INCLUSION IS EVERYWHERE! Programs & Support -Study halls specific to students with special needs (CMC) -Student Support Center for those with behavioral issues -Transition Program -Pull-Out Program -Self-Contained Program (SES) -RtI Programs -Adaptive PE -Occupational Therapy -Social Workers -IEP's By: Katie Metcalfe, Dana Ollendick,
Maegan Schroeder, Sarah Sparber Do you provide students
with a LRE? LMHS: WDHS: MMS: LCHS: "Yes" :) "Yes. Every student has the opportunity to be educated and integrated in all aspects of school life from academics, to fine arts, to sports." "Yes. This is determined at the IEP meeting, and is followed accordingly. As students show increased need or increased growth, the least restrictive environment can be adjusted." "Yes" :) Accessibility MMS: "Yes, my school is set up to accommodate students with special needs. We do have a self-contained program with its own classrooms. We have an elevator for students with mobility issues. We also have adaptive PE for students with that need." WDHS: "Our school is considered to be one of the most progressive schools for students with disabilities in the state. We are very accessible for our special needs students." LCHS: "We only have 2 elevators, which is not enough in my opinion." LMHS: "Yes. We have an elevator and wide hallways." Does inclusion take away from the learning in a general education class? MMS: "They do not take away from the learning of the other students any more than the distractions of non-identified students." WDHS: "Definitely not! In the "real world" we have to interact with people of all races, cultures, education levels, personalities, etc. So it's better to have kids learn these skills of interaction now." LCHS: "No. I think they add to the learning. It allows students to see there are other learning styles." LMHS: "No. It helps with the overall learning experience." Is inclusion beneficial to
the other students? MMS: "Absolutely! Inclusion helps us to improve the learning and character of all students." WDHS: "We all need to learn the skills to successfully interact with all types of people and having a variety of students in a class promotes this curriculum." LCHS: "Yes. It makes the students more well rounded and allows them to learn in different ways." LMHS: "Yes, all students benefit from a diverse classroom." Does NCLB have an
effect on inclusion? MMS: "This legislation has made it very difficult to focus on the student instead of focusing on test scores." WDHS: "Using standardized testing to check effectiveness is silly. Broad sweeping is no good. Everything needs to be individualized." LCHS: "No. Not at all." LMHS: "Not really." Hallahan, Daniel P., James M. Kauffman, and Paige C. Pullen. Exceptional Learners: An Introduction to Special Education. 11. Boston: Pearson, 2009. Print. Hallahan, Daniel P., James M. Kauffman, and Paige C. Pullen. Exceptional Learners: An Introduction to Special Education. 11. Boston: Pearson, 2009. Print. Google images Life Skills
Pull-Out Program Therapy Study Halls (Maegan Schroeder) (Sarah Sparber) (Katie Metcalfe) (Dana Ollendick) Head of Pupil Services 6th Grade Special Education Team Leader Director Of Special Education Case Manager
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