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Frameworks Overview

No description

Christine Sweeney

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Frameworks Overview

Design Frameworks: Foundations/ Environments/Principals
upon which learning designs are built A system or web of
interconnected components
– with learning at the center Assessment Community Learner Knowledge Everyone brings something to the table – previous knowledge and experience The “vessel” is already full…it is not waiting to be filled Culturally relevant, welcoming, and Respectful of all students languages Address misconceptions See the big picture (zoom in and out) and make connections across disciplines Connect old knowledge to new Skills for the real world - transferability feedback and revision – frequent, continuous and allows for opportunity for growth with a goal of learning with understanding fomative - work in progress, showing growth, many sources
Summative – End of unit/year measurements what we have learned
Ideally alignment among formative, summative state, and national standards/assessments Encourage self-reflection
and Meta-cognition Making connections – classrooms,
schools, homes, businesses, states,
the nation and world Ideally community goals are aligned and
support one another communities socially constructed connecting schoolwork to
greater society
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