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Ida Fu

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Anthropologie

Amanda James, Elena Lei, Ida FU WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGIE? WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGIE? Retail store founded in 1992 by a small
group of innovators Owned By: 145 Stores (US, CANADA, UK)
Ships to over 100 countries worldwide CO-PRESIDENTS Wendy McDevitt & Wendy Wurtzburger HISTORY Open first store Wayne,
Pennsylvania, U.S Glen Senk began building the
Anthropologie brand. Launched its mail-order catalog
and website Opened its first international store
in Toronto Global Presentation Canada 6 stores USA 135 stores UK 4 stores Anthropologie UK Customer Profile POSITIONING VISION Innovative merchandising,
customer centricity and a
curated array of products
come together to create an
unimagined experience Competitors Innovative Shopping Experience

Interactive Campaigns


Direct Communication with Customers

Window display Competitive Advantage Positioning Product Positioning within Selected
Market Niche Anthropologie 539 80-300

Banana Republic 657 75-250

Madewell 328 60-160

J.Crew 450 130-480

Austique 56 95-575 Company Style/Col (Dress) Price Product Positioning within Selected Market Niche (cont) Competitors # of Stores Price Range Competitive Advantage Weakness Communication Tools 300 41 1 333 75 - 250 60 - 160 95 - 675 130 - 480 Customer service,
innovative product
lines, use of multidimensional relations Quick MD’s,
irregularities of
colors Catalogues,
Events, Advertising
(posters, commercials,
web, PR) Use of fashion-
forward celebrities Similar styles
as substitution brands with
higher prices Events,
external marketing Student discounts
high catalogue outreach High shipping
return policy,
horrible CRM Advertising
(PR, Web) SWOT Analysis Strengths
× Unique products
× Shopping experience
× Customer loyalty
× Constant direct communication
with customers
× Designer collaborations
× Proven success in big cities Opportunities
× Expansion to major cities in Europe
× Tourists from emerging markets
× Proliferation of Internet
× Organic materials Weaknesses
× Limited advertising and
× Limited sizes
× Locations
× Limited target market
× Low brand awareness in
European market Threats
× Economic slowdown
disparity of mid. class 
× Increase in transportation costs
× Competing designer collaborations
× Luxury brands creating lower cost
extension lines
× No plans to expand to Asia Analysis and Identification of Goals · Limited
advertising &

· Limited sizes

· Locations

· Limited target

· Low brand
awareness in
European market · Increase marketing
through social media

· Increase to XS & XL

· Implement location
expansion strategy
for 2012

· Participate in more
collaborations with
various types of

· Increase brand
awareness in EU
through Publicity &
Stores · Build networks
through online

· Expand width of

· Open store in

· Choose known
european brands

· Focus on Pinterest &
highlight EU artists.
Also increase circulation
of catalogues Product Mix Return Policy An item can be returned WHENEVER, no time limit Questionnaire 1.Do you know the brand,
2.If so, what do you think
about it?
3.If not, could you please
look at the website and
tell me what you think
of the style & would you
wear it?
4.Do you think this brand
would be popular in a big
city near you? Questionnaire · 27.3% said they know the
· 91% said they like the style
· 63.6% said they thought it
would be successful in big
· But 50% of respondents
who liked the brand said
it’s too expensive Special Event Promotion London College of Fashion Online Brand Advertising +
Anthropologie +
Potential/Current Customers —— June
—— July Up to date Graph
1) from facebook show that the
average web hit approximate
475 and 346 in June and July
in every article.

The hit in different months
accounts for 0.079 and 0.057 of
total, respectively. Place: Store Layout & Lifestyle Merchandising Displays changed during a 12 week cycle
Inventory turns 6 times per year with new products appearing 4 days/week Concept Store Regular workshops with design experts
Enriching personal contact Location! Location! Location! placed in unique and non-traditional retail locations
Eclectic assortment
40,000-45,000 SKU’s Brand Culture · Cultural transformations

· Express evolving values
of the brand community

· Retail environments are
places for people and the
emerging brand culture · Experiential design concepts

· outweighs brand image

· Average store visit: 88 minutes
Retain loyal customers Customer care manager
Store managers
Visual managers &
Key employees

Management training
Retention programs ATTRACT, TRAIN &
16,000 employees Blog: Etymologie People: Employees Promotion: Loyalty Cards Direct-to-Consumer Catalogue Markets select merchandise

2011: 17.6 million
2012: plan to increase circulation to 23.2 million

2011: 126,000
2012: plan to increase circulation by 595,000 individualized
shopping experience,
Same suppliers: offer
same products,
designer business Campaigns Opening in UK Customer Approach of Anthropologie Virtual Stylist DIY Customer Approaches in UK Market SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATION Vimeo 305 videos Twitter 279,000 followers Instagram 137,000 Pinterest 104,000 followers Youtube 565 subscribers Facebook 587,700 likes
EU page 11,100 likes Facebook Users Promotion Editorials Anthropologie Approach in UK The most popular video on YouTube for Anthropologie is watched by 12856 times, this is the distribution of the video by countries. The dark green means the most people watched Propositions for the Future · Capitalize on growth of Pinterest

· Improve social media outlets,
emphasize on European market

· Open store in Berlin, Germany

· Collaborate with European
It girls or fashion bloggers The Growth of Pinterest 104,000 followers
+20,000 per month The Growth of Pinterest EUROPEAN BLOGGERS Collaborate with European It girls or fashion bloggers like… Elettra Wiedemann Dree Hemingway Sandra Hagelstam Potential Market Berlin, Germany Demographics: 15-64 yrs. 26,790,222
25-45 yrs. +10 million 33% of 20-30 yr. olds have intermediate school certificate
42% have university or college certificate
Average income: $47,700
Purchasing power parity: $36,850 Potential Market Potential Market Corporate Social Responsibility CSR employee consumer others environment community Improving the treatment
of  employees Promoting ideas of
environmental protection Charity events Protecting consumer's
rights Cary Vaughan & Jenna Wilson Ellen Van Dusen Fort Makers Vineet Balhl Victoria Bartlett Imogene + Wilie Karen Walker Leah Reena Goren Tanvi Kedia Mia Christopher Leslie Oschmann Imogene + Willie Anupamaa Angie Johnson Hemant & Nandita Designers + Anthropologie + Customers Anthropologie + Young Designers + Future Customers Collaborations Small product
varied comm
Limited product sizes DIY Classes Recycle Old Things into New Fashions MISSION Offer a product assortment and an environment so compelling and distinctive that the customer feels an empathetic connection to the brand is persuaded to buy Bad CRM at it's finest Recently launched Cosmetics Ganni Pop-Up Store Fashion Night Out INDICATORS
STRATEGY Indie European bands like... Lykke Li Arctic Monkeys The Anthropologist The Anthropologist The Anthropologist Produced in Rwanda Employees · An essential requirement for the success
of our stores is our ability to attract, train
and retain talented, highly motivated people -----Urban Outfitters Inc--Form 10-K Etymologie · Every week, the powers that be at
Anthropologie will create a Tumblr
mood-board around one word. “Storm” “Jeans” Catalog suggestion · “Loyalty card”
· Encourage people come into the store Free shipping on all domestic orders of $100 or more Accessories-Only Store Decorator Concept Holiday Gift Packaging Anthropologie Holiday Gift Packaging,
Includes gift card holders and gift wrap for boxes Packaging Glen Senk
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