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Kasey Lang

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Expressionism

EXPRESSIONISM "An empty canvas is a living wonder.. far lovelier than certain pictures." - Wassily Kandinsky
Introduction: Genres #1:Article Genre # 2: Video Genre: #4 : Comic Genre # 5: Quotes Genre # 3: Art work Reflection: What I learned Paul Klee
Paul Klee a Swiss artist took part in this art work.
Klee was very interested in abstract art he was influenced by Kandinsky,
Marc, and Macke. The title of this art is “Ad Parnassum”
which refers to the home of Muses and the path to Parnassus.
This art work was done in 1932 with oil on a board.
The triangle represents Mount Parnassus.
The orange circle symbolized the sun.
The arch at the bottom of the art work indicated the door of the temple.
This art work expresses harmony of music. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)
This painting was done by Vincent Van Gogh.
The title of this painting is “Sunflowers” it was done in 1888.
He used color to express his feeling to a subject.
He is a very famous painter which his brushwork became
a key influence for his painting techniques. He can really
express emotion in his color technique. Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
Wassily Kandinsky did this canvas. It was done in 1911. He had studied
music since he was a child. He did respond to colors as we respond to
hearing music. He believed that color could trigger our emotions as
hearing music. He moved painting towards abstract work. This piece
of art work was named “Composition IV”. This canvas is such an
energized piece. He always said “Of all the arts, abstract painting
is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well,
that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for
colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential." Matthias Grunewald (1475-1528)
This piece was done by Mathias Grunewald. This piece was
called “Crucifixion Panel from the Isenheim Altarpiece.
Done in 1515. Northern Europe and Germany was
connected with Expressionism. The Expressionist in
Germany has always existed spirit. You can really feel
the physical and spiritual suffering in this art work.
This piece was done very well. I think more than writers, the major influences on me have been European movies, jazz, and Abstract Expressionism.
Don DeLillo And that Newman wasn't, and yet to me Pollock is
just as radical and unlike Expressionism as Newman.
Donald Judd I was a student at Harvard, and that's where I learned about so-called
avant-garde music. Jackson Pollock, abstract expressionism and
painting were well known at this time.
Henry Flynt
Creative style where an Illustrator that pursues to portray not objective realism but would rather have personal emotions and responses to object and events that provoke with each person. Expressionism can be fine arts, theater, literature, and music. I have never known much about expressionism however in Art class in High School we found out some of the basics but we never really went in depth about expressionism. With this project I am hoping to learn more about expressionism and what it is all about. Expressionism is a way to show emotion rather than physical emotion. I learned a lot by doing this collage. My mind had a lot of new facts after I did this project. I knew some of the basics of Expressionism from my High School Art class but I have never gone this in-depth before. I never knew how emotions can be moved by art, theater, literature, and music. When I looked at some of this wonderful art I can’t believe how
creative it is and what it symbolizes. Article- I thought the article I had was very interesting.
It explains different factors of expressionism. It
goes in-depth about different ways art can influence
our behavior. Art has emotions and honesty and
could be an influence to help prevent suicides and
murders. I also thought it was very interesting to
hear about influencing art in therapy. I believe that
would be a very good idea. In the article it does talk
about influencing art for mentally ill patients and I
think that could be something we should look into
in our society. I thought this article shows more
details dealing with expressionism. How it
can help people live a better life. I think it’s
a great way to start out my collage. Reflection: Video- I thought my video that I found on YouTube was such an interesting genre. It gives the reader a better understanding what expressionism is all about. I always love learning things by watching a movie or video. Its way more entertaining and I thought the reader would enjoy it. It shows how emotion can be so involved with an individual. This video is very important to my collage it can also be related to theater. Theater is someone acting with emotions. If I could of did a theater act for a genre I would have. I do hope the reader will connect with the video. Reflection: Art work- Expressionism is a big factor towards art work. I thought this was such a great idea on my collage. I have shown four pieces of art work on my collage it explains who did each piece. It also explains the importance of each piece. I thought this is very important on my project because expressionism shows a lot of emotion on art work. I have found out more about expressionism than just a piece of art work. I found out I love abstract art. It’s so creative and defined. I think I would have fun doing a piece of abstract art. After this project I think an art work project could be a hobby in my spare time. Reflection: Comic- I thought a comic would be something
different to top my collage. When I saw this comic
strip it got me to giggle. Expressionism has so much
emotion and I thought this could change it up. I was
going to use a blog but I thought this worked better
with my topic. Quotes- I just love quotes! I thought these quotes went well with expressionism. I believe quotes can have a lot of emotion just by reading a sentence. This is where literature can relate to expressionism. It can really tell you how well you like a writer and how well their quote is done. Reflection: I had such a fun time doing this collage. It really taught me a lot
about expressionism. I never knew that literature had so much
emotion when I first took this class. When I learned more about
expressionism I never knew how a piece of art could have so much
emotion in it. I thought all five of me genre’s did a great job to figure
out what expressionism is. I did feel the amazing emotion with all
four of the art pieces I have on my collage. I hope the reader will
understand what emotion feels like in my project! Refection: (Expressionism) http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/w/wassilykan392506.html Expressionism Quotes. (2001-2012). Retrieved December 11, 2012, from Brainy Quote : http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/expressionism.html Expressionism. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11, 2012, from Expressionsim- THE SPIRIT OF EXPRESSIONISM ART: http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/art_movements/expressionism.htm Expressionism . Google/Images . Expressionism . (n.d.). Retrieved from Brainy Quote : http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/w/wassilykan392506.html Grosenick, N. W. (n.d.). Expressionism . Retrieved December 11, 2012, from OSNAT fine art: http://www.osnatfineart.com/expressionism.jsp Otyakmaz, M. (n.d.). Expressionism- a brief walk in art . Retrieved
December 11, 2012, from YouTube: Varn, M. (2011, June 3). NPC. Retrieved December 11, 2012, from Appreciation Expressionism : http://www.npccomic.com/2011/06/03/appreciation-expressionism/ WORKS CITED
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