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Marc Lapointe

No description

Marc Lapointe

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Marc Lapointe

...do I teach?

Be a Mind Reader
...do I teach
Marc Lapointe, PGA
704 906-4742
Thank you!
Marc Lapointe,
2015 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year

Key Questions for Golf Instructors
From Canada to the Carolinas
Hartsville, SC

Dana Rader Golf School

Charlotte, NC

Leroy Springs Golf
Fort Mill GC
Springfield GC
Chester GC
Lancaster GC

Started Marc Lapointe Golf 03/2015
Video is mandatory
Doppler Radar
Almost Mandatory
Education / Seminars
Expert in Biomechanics
Expert in Fitness
Expert in Mental Management
Expert in Equipment
Expert in Junior Golf
All of the above
Lonely Pro
Working with a Team
Student Centered
...do I teach golf?
...do you I teach?
New Technology
Free App
After swing
20 hcp
Typical slicer
Hit behind the ball
Weight transfer for power
Lateral Shift
Head still
Swing Plane
Hogan Plane
Teaching Environment
...is your coach?
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