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Justin Cronin - The Passage

5 minute presentation on the author Justin Cronin and the books he has written, specifically 'The Passage'.

Michelle O

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Justin Cronin - The Passage

Justin Cronin Short Bio Justin Cronin was born in 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts - making him 51 years old this year.
Attended Harvard University
He lives with his family in Houston, Texas where he is a professor of English at Rice University Books he has written Awards and Prizes Won the Hemingway Award and the
Stephen Crane Prize for Mary and O'Neil
Awarded a fellowship from the National
Endowment for the Arts
Received a Whiting Writer's Award Main Themes of the Passage The Passage begins in 2012 in an apocalyptic and
post-apocalyptic world that is overrun by vampire-like
beings, called Virals, who have been infected by a highly contagious virus.

It's a book about the nature of humanity.

It's themes are: LOVE SACRIFICE FRIENDSHIP LOYALTY COURAGE Future Movie Fox2000 and Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions
purchased the movie rights to The Passage for
US$1.75 million in 2007
3 years before the book was published!!! The Passage Will Amy Harper Bellafonte be the "girl who
saved the world"? author Mary and O'Neil
The Summer Guest
The Passage and The Twelve are the first
2 books in a Trilogy The third book in the trilogy is expected to be titled
The City of Mirrors and will be published in 2014. Science Fiction Fantasy Epic Odyssey Now it's time to see what you have learned from
today's presentation!
Please answer your 3 questions now... Thank you for listening!! :) Thriller Horror Supernatural Interesting Facts about
The Passage His daughter was his major inspiration for writing this trilogy. She wanted him to write a book about a "girl who saves the world"

The Passage is 784 pages long!
It was first published in 2010

The 2 main traits that are displayed
when people are infected with the Virus are
'blood-lust' and immortality And with fast moving virals it would be GREAT
in 3D!! Spans more than 90 years.
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