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electric fan

No description

Kaylee Neal

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of electric fan

Electric Fan!! timeline of the electric fans! 1865 1890 1900 1914 The inventor of the electric fan was Schuyler Skaats Wheeler this is some back ground information on my inventor Wheeler was born in Massachusetts. His two-bladed electric fan He married Amy Sutton on October 11, 1898. He died of angina pectoris at his home in Manhattan. The electric fan was invented in 1882 by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler May 17, 1860 – April 20, 1923 fan know days The electric fan was created to cool the inside of there houses.Wheeler figured out how to apply the fledgling science of electricity to make a fan turn. This was not created on accident. it was created on purpose. Also to keep you nice and cool, or used in electrical appliances to cool them.
Circulate air in a room. Summer was quickly approaching and the they could come home and cool off and not be all sweaty in your house. They would come home you could relax and cool off right where you are. You can even put it beside your bed and have the cold air blow in your face. also from this invention they figured out ways to make them even bigger. The electric fan hasn't really changed that much over time. The way it looked back then is still pretty much what it looks like know. Ever since this invention it has evolved over time. This was used in till Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioner system. Most people from then chose to use that, because it lasted long but just was a little more money. purpose of the invention! Significance of the invention! How the invention helped society at the time! Fans have been used as status symbols, decorative pieces, and cooling devices. In the past fans were made from palm leaves and feathers, with bases of wood, paper, and even chicken skin!

That is the end of my presentation! any questions? Fun facts! Certain waves of a fan indicated specific emotions or messages in social circles.

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