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Women Under-Cover and Nurses in the Civil War

No description

Hunter Barber

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Women Under-Cover and Nurses in the Civil War

Harriet Tubman
Antonia Ford
Women Under-Cover in the Civil War
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman is the most recognisable of these spies, sneaking down South repeatedly to gather intelligence for the Union army while also leading runaway slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. She was the Spymaster for the Union. Harriet was the most well-known woman spy in the Civil War.
By: Hunter Barber
Most women who were in the Civil War were either nurses or under-cover army men. The more famous ones were:
Harriet Tubman (Union Spymaster)
Pauline Cushman (Union Spy)
Mary Elizabeth Bowser (Union Spy)
Belle Boyd (Confederate Spy)
Rose O'Neal Greenhow (Confederate Spy)
Antonia Ford (Confederate Spy)
Famous Women
Pauline Cushman
Mary Elizabeth Bowser
Union Spys & Spymaster
Belle Boyd
Rose O'Neal Greenhow
Confederate Spys
How they dressed
The end!
Question time!
1. Who was the Union
2. Who did the women
dress like?
Just kidding...
1 question right: Did you pay attention?
0 questions right: Uhh..
2 questions right: Good job c:
Women tried their best to dress just like the other soldiers. Though it was difficult, they made it work. They also had to cut their hair to look like men, which wasn't their biggest problem at the time.
3. How often would women bathe or
Women's health
Women barely bathed or excercised because the corsets they wore were so restrictive that breathing was sometimes difficult, and it took a while to put back on.
4. Why couldn't women bathe or excercise
as much as men?
Thanks for watching!
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