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An Overview of DVL SMith's Storytelling Online Training

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Patrick Young

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of An Overview of DVL SMith's Storytelling Online Training

An introduction to DVL Smith's online training in

THE ART OF STORYTELLING IN BUSINESS http://www.dvlsmith.com http://www.dvlsmith.com Knowledge Skills Confidence Insights Storytelling Power Focus Simplicity Structure Visuals Engage Confidence Hardcopy
Handbook Introductory
videos Training Visuals
and Voiceovers Access to more
detailed information Embed Storytelling skills with our E-tutorial service Training handbook To find out more go to: or email info@dvlsmith.com So what's in each step? Understand the power of telling a story Start by focussing on the business issue Ensure your messages are easy to understand Identify the best structure to tell your story Tell your story through a series of 'killer' visuals Make sure your story is engaging Be confident in presenting your story Interactive and engaging training videos You can also complete exercises and assignments in your own time Online access DVD tutorials Learn online or order our complete DVDs Prefer to learn offline, then order our training handbook The learning continues with our e-tutorial service E-tutorial
service So let's look at the seven steps
to telling a business story Stories are the pefect way to ensure your messages are acted upon We need a new way to get over our messages to time urgent decision-makers Stories are the way we make sense of the world Become a fantastic presenter by telling engaging business stories Engagement Introductory videos Training visuals and voiceovers Access to more detailed information
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