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Copy of E-Voting System using Android App

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Che Ann Osorio

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of E-Voting System using Android App

Background of
the Study
The E-Voting System is a system that are using android application on smartphone to vote. The e-voting means the voting process in election by using electronic device. We also described how the android mobile phones are efficient and can be used for voting. It will enable legitimate voters to cast their vote from wherever they please using their android devices unlike other that you need to wait long in the poll site for your turn to enable for you to vote which waste a lot of time.
Information Technology or simply known as IT, is one of the many fields of education that contribute to the advancement and improvement of our society.
Our proponents decided to develop a system that will solve some problems that encounter by the Araullo University in terms of their current voting system. This proposed system aimed to develop a more reliable and efficient way of voting in election using high technology device to improve the existing voting system they have.

Objectives of
the Study
Specific Objectives
Jeppe Koelewijn
Maud Mulder
Niels van Zanten
General Objectives
To develop a system that will lessen the problem encountering by the Administration in the system they have today and to lessen the hard time experiencing by the voters and improve their experience in elections and enhance what system they have.
-V ting System
Statement of
the Problem
Even though the system enables voters to poll their vote from anywhere, initially the voters should have to provide their id number and password to authenticate themselves and (establish their user-ids) cast their votes. This constraint is imposed to ensure that only the legitimate person is allowed to vote in the elections.

Today, the development and widespread use of information technologies is changing the way people view voting processes and, ultimately, the way they vote.
Specific Problem
1. Voters fall in long lines as they register and cast a votes.

2. A small number of voters can vote at the same time.

3. The result of the election does not notify all the students immediately

De oplossing bedenken
- Brainstormen
- Testen
- Uitwerken idee/prototype
General Problem
The officials who cast and facilitate the voting process and the voters are experiencing a hard time using the current system they have today.
1. To develop an android application that they can vote online

2. To develop an android application that will enable more number of students to vote at the same time

3. To develop an android application that will notice the result on the application.

Scope and Limitation
Overige informatie
- prijs
- eisen
- geen extra product op fiets
The End of Presentation
u have just found an easter egg lol
Significance of the Study
• To the Students- Less time will be spent in the process of voting and tabulating the result.
• To the Administration- It will help the administration to make their job in election easily and lessen the problem they encountered during the election.
• To the Proponents- This study help them to develop their skills and apply the knowledge that they have learned from their course. It will also help them to learned new technique and enhance the ability in programming especially in mobile application development.
• To the Future Researcher- This study would be the basis of their research in improving the system, as well as a guide for researchers in developing the new system.
• Voters can vote anywhere

• Greater accessibility for the disabled/sick - e-voting systems allow voters with disabilities-especially the visually impaired-to vote independently and privately.

• Increased participation and voting options - E-voting offers increased convenience to the voter, encourages more voters to cast their votes remotely, and increases the likelihood of participation for mobile voters.

• Displaying of result instantly

• Voters can vote only on android device
• There is only a limited number of students can vote at the same time

Using Android App
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