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No description

Sam Gill

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of TIME TRAVEL

Is time travel really possible?
Well first of all,
what is time?
Lets watch this video to find out.
So time doesn't actually exist?
Time is measured by how fast an object travels through space.
time travel possible?
The answer is yes!
Technically, we are all traveling through time right now. Our speed is 1 hour per hour. That means when each hour passes, we travel 1 hour through time. But what you probably thought I meant, was traveling faster than 1 hour per hour. Well that is a little more complicated but it is also possible, according to Albert Einstein.
Eventually the speed of the Earth traveling through space will become slower. That will mess up how we measure time.
The faster an object travels through space, the slower it experiences time.
Einstein's theory of Special Relativity states that there is a speed limit of 300,000 km per sec for anything that travels through space. Light always travels at that speed.
Special Relativity also states that by traveling faster through space, you experience time slower than people traveling slower through space. For example, say you left Earth on a space ship traveling at the speed of light at age 12. Then, you stayed in space for 5 years. Your friends back on Earth would have experienced 10 times as much time tan you had. So when you got back, you would only be 17 years old, while your all of your friends would be around 62.
So technically, to time travel, all you would need to do is travel faster through space than the Earth! You wouldn't need a time machine or any thing. Well you would need a space ship which would cost a lot of money and it would take long to build and . . .
Speaking of time machines, you still probably don't have the same idea of time travel.
And so, we come back to the question:
What I have previously told you is possible, but to travel into the past with a time machine is not.
Speaking of time machines . . .
If time traveling back in time was possible, it would cause a big problem.
A paradox is when something happens but doesn't happen at the same time.
If you traveled back in time, you are likely to cause a paradox.
So, What Did you learn?
Time for a quiz!!!
What is a paradox?

a) a problem with time travel
b) a fun video game
c) when some thing happens but doesn't at the same time
d) a and c
What is the speed of light?

a) 1 km per hour
b)300,000 km per sec
c)300,000 km per hour
d)139,580 km per sec
How can you travel faster through time?

a) by traveling slower through space than the Earth
b) by using a time machine
c) by traveling faster through space than the Earth
d) by getting your parents' permission
How good was this presentation?

a) good
b) really good
c) amazing
e) better than all the previous answers
Thanks for watching my prezi!
And stay on time . . .
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