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Mobile and Social Training

No description

Alison Retz

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Mobile and Social Training

What can we offer?
Subtitles, VO and Dubbing

Video editing and personalisation

Facebook and Twitter pages

YouTube channels

Apps for mobile, desktop and Facebook
How can you add to what you're
already doing?
If we're translating in excel or word, why not suggest we localise the master?
Get involved earlier in the process, all the way to upload/delivery
What are the challenges?
Many platforms and devices
Character limits
Special characters
Mobile, Social
& Video

This is what mobile
used to look like:
Now almost everything is mobile or social...or both
And there are new technologies every day...
Can YOU name this tune performed by Mariachi Doritos?
Tweet us to win #DoritosNameThatTune
What are we doing
at Freedman?

But this is only the tip of the iceberg
But what's the point?
Build awareness
Create engagement
Buzz words
Mobile payments
Responsive design

Use bespoke software
Sell our language and QA expertise
Does your client have an app?
Is it translated?
Is it adapted for tablet viewing?
How can you add to what you're
already doing?
How can you add to what you're
already doing?
Receive video from client
Translate using subtitling app
subtitle file
Client reviews with subtitling app
Upload OR burn into video
* Technology and platforms
* What's the point?
* What are we doing @ Freedman?
* What can we offer clients?
* What are the challenges?
This is an SRT file
* PHP scripting to pull user data from client database
* The link driving users to the page includes a unique id
* The flash submits that id to the server *The server pulls the user data needed and sends it back to flash
* As the video plays flash overlays the personalised copy in real time
* If iOS support is needed, this can be achieved with HTML5 & JS
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