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Cell Analogy Project

No description

Juliana Sofoifa

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Cell Analogy Project
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
transports needed proteins to a certain area which travel through the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Use Vesicles to transport cells through the Cytoplasm
U-haul Trucks are like the golgi a
pparatus(golgi bodies) since they
supply the Bricks to the specific location through the road-networks.
Some examples of inputs that are in the system are taxes, jobs, food, and animals.

A cell is like a city because of it's different parts that work in a unique manner, making it very similar to the organelles of the cell.

Some examples of outputs that are in this system are dense population, an efficient system, products,food, and money.
Examples of inputs and outputs.

Are the building blocks of cells that make up organelles and allow the cell to function.
Without them, the cells that make us up wouldn't have been made.
Bricks can represent proteins since they help the whole city function as in building blocks and without infrastructure, it would crumble.
protects and keeps bacteria out and organelles inside the cell(it's only in plants).
The fence is like the cell wall because, just like the cell wall, it protects everything that is inside of it and keeps everything that's bad out.
The fence
Job at chick fi'l a
Decides what comes in and out of the cell.
We chose border control to represent the cell membrane because they can see what's useful or needed to enter and what's not.
is the main organelle since it controls many activities that happen in the cell.
The city hall can represent the nucleus because of how it functions with every part of the city.
For example, a function that a city hall does it gives directions to many facilities like school, jobs, banks, oil companies and public transportation.
is the organelle that supplies the cell with energy. Also considered as the power house of the cell.
The coal/fuel power plants are like mitochondria because they give and produce energy that then is distributed to the whole city and even to cars.
is the network that allows different organelles to transport different materials though itself.
The road network could represent endoplasmic reticulum since road networks response directly with trucks and other transportable vehicles .
Inputs-Outputs Relationship
Cell Wall
Cell Membrane
Endoplasmic reticulum
are the Protein Builders through the joining of Amino Acids links(Protein synthesis)
Established in both Prokaryotes and Eukaryote
Construction workers are similar to the way ribosomes function since they both build important parts of the city or cell.
Golgi Apparatus
Input's can be any type of material that will benefit the cell or they can be negative and destroy the cell.
Outputs are the products that have been made by the inputs.
As you can tell from the definitions they depend on each other.
For example, this bridge can be shown as the cell membrane because it lets certain vehicles in.
is an organelle that produces sugar from sunlight to be used as food for plants only.
This process is called photosynthesis.
Solar panels resemble chloroplast since they get their energy from the sun, then that energy is send to other places such as companies and houses also these panels are renewable that means they are able to get energy over and over again.
Solar Panels
is a storage place that is located in a cell which stores any types of nutrients that the animal or plant might need later on and also contain substances that could affect the cell if not closed off from other organelles.
We thought of banks being a good representative for vacuoles since they suppress the city's money and give people financial help those are very similar to vacuoles functions.
are organelles that have digestive enzymes that break down food particles, unneeded waste and even worn out organelles.
Waste disposal lands can be shown off as Lysosomes since in this land trash is being broken down and disposed away from the city.
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