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military prezi

No description

Douglas McGlothlin

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of military prezi

My first one is a military lawyer the second one is a military air trafficker officer the third one is a gun smith for the military so I will know that are country will be well armed.
Why did I pick only military jobs well I'm raised in a military family. My jobs I'm hoping for DATE:12/13/12 BY: Douglas McGlothlin

My sores were public.careercruising.com and Google images.

I hope you liked my project I work hard on it and I had fun doing it. This was my presentation When you’re a gunsmith for the military you make the guns you test the gun and sell the guns to the military for a good price.
Gun smiths get payed 56,000 a month. Gunsmith for the military A military air trafficker goes in a air assault jet or a gas plane if there is a plain in the air the needs a refuel and cant land so they go up there and have a tube connect to the gas tank and done go back and be ready for the next one the other part is if there is unidentified air craft three of us fly up there and handle it.
The pay is 56,000 a month that’s a good pay check. Military air trafficker Being a lawyer for the military is hard you could be helping a good person that was framed or a guy that killed his superior.
The pay is really good in a year they make 390,0000 that a lot but you need to find your clients to get payed.
I also found out they have a nick name there called J.A.G don’t know what it means. Military lawyer this is the gas plain the tube under it is the gas line. the tool he is using holds the gun while he puts the parts in the body. this the cargo plain
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