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12 Angry Men introduction

No description

Helen Spearman

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of 12 Angry Men introduction

-consists of 12 citizens
-they are interviewed and personally selected for the case
based on their views and responses to questions
-decide the verdict for a defendant
-must come to an unanimous decision for the verdict in some cases The Jury Reasonable Doubt -beyond reasonable doubt is the term used in court
-there is not doubt that the defendant is guilty
-evidence presented is air tight Setting 1957 New York
-last year of the 10 year "golden" age of baseball
-women are granted the right to sit on a jury in 1947, on
a volunteer basis
-Boxing and baseball are the popular sports 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose Play Background Inspiration for the play:
-inspired by his own experience of jury duty on a manslaughter
case in NYC
-wrote about the importance of the situation

Themes in the play:
-triumph and fragility of justice
-overcoming lass and race prejudice
-democracy and social responsibility

Play information:
-published in 1955, made into movie in 1957
-won nominations for best picture, best writing,
and best director General Play Information drama-intended to be performed
-includes stage directions, and dialogue Rotate axis and drag frames
to change balance Stage directions
-instructions for the director, actors,
and stage crew
-set apart in parentheses and italics
-describes the scenery dialogue
-conversation between characters
-tells us about personalities and plot Circumstantial Evidence -evidence that is based on inferences
-ex: I buy a blouse. You steal the same blouse from a friend
of ours. Because I wear theblouse in public the next day,
circumstantial evidence says I stole it Dempsey-Firpo Fight
-took place in 1923
-Dempsey took blow to head and there was scandal about how
slow the ref counted and how Dempsey got back into the ring
-Dempsey eventually won the match Khrushchev
-Soviet Union communist leader
-convinced that the communist ways were going to
take over America J. Walter Thompson
-advertising agent famous in 1900s
-credited as the father of modern magazine ads Clarence Darrow
-famous lawyer
-lead civil liberties union
-defended two killers charged with murder
-both got life sentences
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