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Global Collaboration - How to Find Partners

No description

Dyane Smokorowski

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Global Collaboration - How to Find Partners

Global Collaboration
How do you kick start partnerships?

Dyane Smokorowski
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Intel US Senior Trainer
Andover KS

Why Collaborate?
Awesome Benefits for Kiddos
Data Collection Projects
EASIEST Level to Start With
Qualitative and Quantitative
Expert Collaborations
Cultural Exchange Projects
Partner with Organizations
So How Do I Start?
How Do I Start?
Ask Yourself What Are the Life Long Learning Lessons You Want Students To Have?
Getting Along?
Thinking Critically?
Making a Difference in Your Community?
Solving World Issues?
Making Connections to Other Cultures?
Being Self-Directed Learners?
Ask Yourself Who Could We Partner With
How Cycles?
Find Experts
Now all the world needs is YOU!

Plurk - mrssmoke
Email - smoke@usd385.org
Twitter - Mrs_Smoke
Classroom Twitter - MrsSmokeAMS
Class Website - mrssmoke.weebly.com
Develop 21st Century Skills
Critical Thinking
Oral and Writing Communication
Problem Solving
Cultural Awareness/ Perspective
2nd Level of Easy
Find people in industry who can help your students with research of curriculum content
Classroom to Classroom Exchange
Level 3 - Medium to Challenging Depending on Collaboration
Level 4 - Medium to Challenging
Students generally create a product
for the organization
"You Help Us, We Will Help You"
Search Blogs and Google Scholar
Google museums and locate education department
Make PHONE calls versus email if possible
Public relations departments
ALWAYS have your pitch ready to go before calling
REMEMBER the Kid Card always works!
30 Minutes is a good number
Find Partner Classrooms
http://education.skype.com/ (They Will Advertise For You)
Use the social media to your benefit
ALWAYS have a project website ready to go before calling for partners - lay out the collaboration expectations, milestones, and goals
Consider creating a project pitch video to find partners
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