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My hobby!

No description

Sarah Stroughair

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of My hobby!

Who eles gives me information?
There is this other woman who does it too! her youtube name is (Chocolatecolors26)
My hobby!!
My hobby!
My fave hamster is syrian hamsters
Naww so cute! <3

My hobby is hamster care. Now
I know it sounds a bit wired but
its not! I have been looking after
hamsters since I was 8. When I first starting liking them I started to look them up on the internet. And I would not stop nagging my dad about how much I love and know about hamsters. But at the time I was 6 so my dad thought I was to little to handle my own pet. When my 8th birthday came I woke up and went down stairs and seen a hamster cage I looked in it and there was my very own little hamster I called her Lucy
She looked a bit like this!
How do I get so much information about hamster care??
Well I always go on youtube and I find hamster care videos ect on there because I find it more intresting than reading lots of information on the subject.

So I found this women who makes videos about it! Her youtube name is (HoppingHammy) Hahah funny name!!!
this is her.
This is her and her cat callie. She dose not show her face and cam for internet safety!!!

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