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Hudson Bay & Arctic Lowlands

No description

Alyssa S

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Hudson Bay & Arctic Lowlands

Rock Types The sedimentary rock in the lowlands were created by erosion from the canadian shield millions of years ago.

This rock is called "Lignite" which is a poor quality of coal. This rock contains natural gas and oil. Location The Hudson bay lowlands is located in northern Ontario and stretch into western Quebec and eastern Manitoba.

The Arctic lowlands is located in northern Canada in Nunavut and in both Northwest and Yukon Territories.
Physical Description The Arctic lowlands is a very cold, snowy and contains lots of glaciers. Polar bears, arctic foxes and snowy owls live in this area.

The Hudson bay lowlands is a flat area with lots of swamps, plains and gently rolling hills. Caribous and oxes live here. Land Use The lowlands are used for a variety of reasons such as recreational activities, mines for natural resources and sporting activities. Bibliopgraphy
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Created By: Alyssa Hudson Bay/Arctic Lowlands Major Cities Moosonee, Ontario
Churchill, Manitoba
Attawapitkut, Ontario Geologic Age & Formation The lowlands were created 4.5 billion years ago nearing the last ice age when the heavy weight of the glaciers sunk into the earth, later retreating. This created the swamps in the Hudson bay lowlands. Creation Story Earth, the only living planet. Earth was once a beautiful place that was filled with life and pride until one day.. The planet felt pain and sorrow because the sun was extremely close and it burnt. The planet felt the need to stop this crisis and so the planet cooled down and an ice age occurred resulting in the creation of the Hudson bay and Arctic Lowlands. Nunavut Hunters Pull Helicopter Pilot From Icy Water Earlier in January a pilot was found in a helicopter that was sent by the military to rescue two other men just off the Hudson Bay river. The pilot told police the helicopter in fact did not crash it just sink through the ice into the water trapping him. Not long after he was rescued from the waters.
The three men were treated for hypothermia and are doing well. The End
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