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Golden Goblet

No description

Ashley Bordeaux

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Golden Goblet

Golden Goblet Eloise Jarvis McGraw Eloise Jarvis McGraw Published in 1961 Born on December 9, 1915, Eloise was an author of many children books. Eloise was awarded three Newberry Honors for her books Moccasin Trail, The Golden Goblet, and the Morrchild. Starting at the age of 8, she wrote for more than fifty years of her life. However, writing was not her only interest. She enjoyed drawing, painting, acting, and much more. On November 30, 2000, at the age of eighty, Eloise died after a long battle with cancer. Heqet- Ranofer- Ancient- Gebu- Wenamon- Ranofer is a twelve year old boy who dreams of someday
becoming a master goldsmith. He has to live under Gebu's rules since is father's death. Gebu is Ranofer's evil half-brother who stole gold from the goldsmith's shop and tried to rob a tomb. Gebu forbids Ranofer to become a master goldsmith. Heqet is an apprentice of Rekh. He is about thirteen and is Ranofer's best friend. Ancient is a papyrus cutter who has a pet donkey named Lotus. Wenamon is Gebu's partner in robbing the tomb. The Street of the Crooked Dog is where Gebu and Ranofer live. The marsh is where Heqet and Ranofer meet at noon and eat lunch. They also would discuss a plan to meet Gebu and Wenamon. The goldsmith's shop is where Ranofer worked in the beginning. Gebu then did not allow Gebu to work there. The stonecutting shop is where Ranofer is now apprenticed to Gebu. Figurative Language Personification- "Ah! I can hear my toes telling each other what a fine fellow I am to bring them here'' (106). Simile- "He was like a figure hewn out of one of his own blocks of stone'' (33). Metaphor- "To work under Pai these days was to feel yourself caught in a storm of angry bees, all stinging, buzzing, and hurling themselves at you tirelessly'' (103). If I had to recommend this book to any student, I definitely would. This book is very well-rounded and educational. This is a good book because most kids do not work as a hard as Ranofer does when they are only twelve years old. This book also shows how hard life used to be and the challenges that used to be taken on. This book also has alot of suspense and action. For example, Ranofer followed Gebu and Wenamon inside a tomb while they were trying to rob the tomb. Introduction Ranofer, son of Thutra, hopes of one day becoming a master goldsmith like his father. When his father died he was put under power of Gebu. He works at a stone cutters shop, but doesn't want to stay there forever. Rising Action Climax Ranofer was hungry for food one day and went searching through Gebu's room. He finds a gold goblet from an acient tomb. He then realizes that Gebu must rob tombs. He later finds out Gebu and Wenamon are planning on robbing a tomb on the day of the Festival. Ranofer followed Gebu and Wenamon into the tomb the day they were going to rob it. After a couple of minutes, Ranofer realizes whose tomb it is, Huaa's. Ranofer can't let Gebu and Wenamon rob the tomb, so he decides to trap them inside of it. Resolution "Ranofer gripped his donkey's rope and began to run'' (248). Ashley Bordeaux I would recommend this book to anybody because of many different reasons. First of all, it is well-rounded and educational. Most children do not work as hard as Ranofer does when they are only twelve year old. This book also is full with suspense and action. For, example, Ranofer followed Gebu and Wenamon into the tomb. He then trapped them into the tomb. This book also shows how life was back then, which is a very important thing for children these days to know. Recommendation
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