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Ib Music Presentation: 00 - 10 Popular Music

By: The Rainbow Schuberts

Hailey Darrow

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Ib Music Presentation: 00 - 10 Popular Music

The Evolution of Pop into 2010
Justin Sun, Sonal Rangnekar, Shanti Penprase, and Hailey Darrow
*N Sync
It's Britney, babe.
Formed in 1996
First album: *N Sync- 1996 (10 million copies)
Second: No Strings Attached- 2000 (2.4 million first week)- hit single "Bye Bye Bye"
...Baby One More Time (1998)
Oops! ...I Did It Again (2000)
Britney (2001)
In the Zone (2003)
Blackout (2007)
Circus (2008)
Black Eyed Peas
Popular Songs
Katy Perry
2003- Elephunk- third album but first major hit (56 million) -"Where is the Love?"
...Baby One More Time
Oops! I Did It Again
I'm A Slave For You
Fourth Album: "Monkey Business"- "My Humps", "Don't Phunk with My Heart"
2009- 1 of only 11 artists to simultaneously hold 1 and 2 spots with "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Got a Feeling"
No Doubt
First main stream album - "One of the Boys"
Led to three top-ten hits: "I Kissed a Girl", "Hot n Cold", and "Waking up in Vegas"
Third studio album - "Teenage Dream"
Led to five number one singles: "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream", "Firework", "E.T.", and "Last Friday Night"
Gwen Stefani
2000-"Ex-Girlfriend"-27 weeks as hit in alternative genre
2000- Album- "Return of Saturn"- Debuts as #2 on top 100
2001- "Hey Baby"- Another major hit, along with "Don't Speak"
2002- "Hella Good","Underneath it All" both become hits
2004- "Love, Angel, Music Baby" first solo album- "Hollaback Girl" (1 million digital download copies)
2006- "Sweet Escape" second album
Guy Berryman – bass guitar
Jonny Buckland – lead and rhythm guitars
Will Champion – drums, percussion
Chris Martin – lead vocals
Parachutes (2000)
A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)
X&Y (2005)
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008)
Mylo Xyloto (2011)
1999- First album- "Christina Aguilera"- "Genie in a Bottle", "What a Girl Wants"
2002- Fourth studio album- "Stripped"- "Beautiful"- major international success
2006- "Back to Basics" - more soul/blues/jazz feel- "Aint No Other Man", "Candyman"
2010- "Bionic"- incorporated aspects of R&B, synthpop, and electropop
Christina Aguilera
Justin Timberlake
2004 Album "Confessions" sold over 10 million copies in the US
Spawned four consecutive Billboard number one hits: "Yeah", "Burn", "Confessions Part II", and "My Boo"
Usher has attained nine Hot 100 number-one hits (all as a lead artist) and has attained seventeen Hot 100 top-ten hits.
2002- "Justified"- debut solo album (7 million copies worldwide)- "Cry Me a River", "Rock Your Body"
2006- "FutureSex/LoveSounds"- #1 on Billboard- "SexyBack", "My Love", "What Goes Around... Comes Around"
1997- Formed in Houston, Texas
2000- became a trio
2000- "Survivor"- Third album- "Survivor", "Independent Woman", "Bootylicious"
2004- "Destiny Fulfilled"- Fourth Album
Destiny's Child
Came to US at age of 16 to pursue signing career.
First major hit that got a large following was "Umbrella" in 2007
Has won 6 Grammys.
Music of the Sun (2005)
A Girl Like Me (2006)
Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Rated R (2009)
Loud (2010)
Talk That Talk (2011)
2003- "Dangerously in Love"- first solo album- "Crazy in Love", "Baby Boy"
2006- "B'Day"- second studio album- "Irreplaceable", "Deja vu", "Beautiful Liar"
2008- "I am... Sasha Fierce"- "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", "Sweet Dreams", "Halo"
People attended Britney's concerts not for the amazing vocals but for the spectacle, the special effects, the dance routines, and the costumes- or lack thereof."
2005- present
2008- "The Fame"- debut album- "Just Dance", "Pokerface"
2009- "The Fame Monster"- "Bad Romance", "Telephone", "Alejandro", "LoveGame"
"Lady Gaga is recognized for her flamboyant, diverse and outre contributions to the music industry through her fashion, performances, and music videos."
Lady Gaga
By The Rainbow Schuberts
Death and the Maiden (2012)
Lady Got Class (2012)
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