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Speech Arts 032213

No description

Jullian W

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Speech Arts 032213

Common Methods of Torture
Water boarding
Induces panic and suffering by forcing a person to inhale water into the sinuses, pharynx, larynx, and trachea.
The suspect is held down on a board then dunk down backwards, nearly drowning but not. Then asked the question again and again.
Immediate threats to the nation.
A ticking bomb situation.
Starvation and Thirst
A prisoner can go as long as a week before looking thinner and as if he/she needs food.

At this point, the thoughts in the prisoners mind will revolve around hunger and thirst.
Truth serum (sodium pentothal)
The effects are those of when someone is drunk
-sense of judgement and reasoning is lost, but a suspect can still lie.
Not an effective form of torture for someone who is posing an immediate and great threat to the nation
"Black Sites"
after 9/11; not known to public until 2007

CIA secret detention centers detention center

Thailand, Afghanistan, several Eastern European countries, and perhaps elsewhere.

barred from communication with family, legal counsel, or anyone in the outside world.

enforced disappearance in an unknown location around the world with harsh methods of torture
Who can be tortured?
Only foreign terrorists? Or citizens too? Does the government have the right to torture its own citizens?
-Citizens should also be tortured if deemed a threat (Neighbor scenario)
**When you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear**
-Torturing innocent families and children would be unacceptable
Three Situations: When is it appropriate to use torture?
1. Immediate/"ticking time bomb" threats
A Simple Fact

2. Moderate threats: known future attacks
3. Past terrorists who pose a possible threat
John McCain on torture:

“One of the things that kept us going when I was in prison in North Vietnam was that we knew that if the situation were reversed, that we would not be doing to our captors what they were doing to us.”
Is torture in the best interest of the United States? Should the "no torture, ever" policy have exceptions? Is his stance on torture full of contradictions? Ultimately, yes.
- Simple solutions are reserved for simple problems; from personal recollection and the shown evidence it is apparent that the subject of torture is not a simple issue.
What is the NSA?

National Security Agency
Formed on the 4th of November 1952
Headquarters located in Fort Meade, Maryland,
Established to Maintain National Security
Khalid Sheikh Mohammad
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http://www.scpr.org/programs/airtalk/2013/03/13/30886/can-information-obtained- under-truth-serum-be-used/
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. Awareness
. common sense
. Better training
. Accountability
. Listen to facts
Torture should be allowed
The Outright banning of torture eliminates all the positive effects it can offer

However restrictions should be put into effect
Restrictions for Torture
The sole purpose of torture is to obtain information
No torture for the sake of torture
Who can be tortured?
Citizens of America can be tortured
Nothing to hide/nothing to fear mentality
What ways are acceptable?
-Starvation and thirst
-Truth Serum
-Not for long distance threats
-No torturing the family of a terrorist
The torture should match the seriousness of the threat
Under what circumstances?
Torture should reasonably match the size of the threat and magnitude of valuable information
-It will ultimately lead to more

-More controversy

-The negative aspects of torture
will increase with the amount
- More efficient means of gathering information

-Less "un-needed" torture

-A more secure hold on terror
Short Term Effects
Long Term

Trust in the Government
An increase in valuable information
Anti-Government sentiment due to Citizens being tortured
As time passes the general public will see that torture is only applied to a select group of citizens
With a regulated guideline as to how torturing is to be implemented we can waste less time discussing the issue and more time gathering valuable information

Arihant Seth
Andy Indukuri
Jae Hyun Lee
Rohit Mohite
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