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Faculty meeting 4/21/10

No description

Patrick McLaughlin

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Faculty meeting 4/21/10

Faculty Meting, April 21, 2010 Achievement Goals 2009-2010 Failure is not an option
Examples A computer game was originally priced at $59.99. It was marked down 15%.
Then it was moved to a clearance rack marked “Take an additional 50% off
the lowest marked price.” What was the final price of the computer game?
A $25.50
B $30.00
C $50.99
D $59.99
Complete the following analogy.
Shelter is to exposure as —
A sleep is to doze
B hand is to arm
C sun is to burn
D wet is to dry
If a ship off the west coast of Africa followed the equator west, it would
touch land in —
F Asia
G Europe
H Australia
J South America
What we know works Let's build a filter All AYP membership groups will achieve an 85% or higher SOL pass rate in reading and an 83% or higher SOL pass rate in math.
Hand-on activities
Collaboration High Order Thinking Skills
Differentiated Learning Styles
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