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Liia Budianu

No description

Liia Budianu

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Liia Budianu

Liia Budianu
About Me
I'm 15
Born June, 30th 1998
I'm a Christian
I'm the oldest from three kids
I'm Romanian
Was born in Ukraine
I live with my mom, dad, sister, and brother
I like everything.
Where I Have Been
New York
Play violin for 7 years
Sing in church
I play volleyball
I sleep ALOT!
My Country
I was born in Ukraine, in a small town called Buda Mare. I lived there until I was 8, than I came here. I miss my country a lot. I usually go there every other summer. So that means I'm going this summer.
My Goals
Pass my classes
Graduate high school
Travel the WORLD
Go to collage
Get a job in the medical field
What I know About Computers
I know almost nothing about computers but I hope this class will teach me more.
What Irritates Me
Chewing your gum loud
People who walk slow
When people think I'm Russian
When people don't share their food
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