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minecraft story

Don"t touch, its for next week.Get out!Dumb!!!!!!!!!!!

thames thames

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of minecraft story

Chapter Two
Once apon a time, In the dark age"s, Every thing is block, there"s a planet called Earth, on this planet, there"s a man called Steve and his Brother, His on a mission,to survive on the planet with monster's.There gonna discover the world.On the way the adventure to the End of the world there's a very long story for it......One day Steve"s brother, hurten by a Creeper.They disgust at home that to have a adventure for

By Frankie Kuo pro
(eispode one)
Thanks for watching!
Whanna injoy
the movie?
Chapter one
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So they start to hunt iron, make swords and armor so they go into a cave. So they
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