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New weapons/technology of WWI

No description

Savannah Lucas

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of New weapons/technology of WWI

New weapons/technology
of WWI

Machine Guns
Machine guns during WWI needed to be on a flat surface and required 4 to 6 men to use them. Machine guns had the fire-power of 100 guns.
The bolt-action rifle was the main weapon used by soldiers in the trenches. It could fire up to 15 rounds in one minute, and a person 1,400 meters away could be killed.
At first planes during WWI were used to deliver bombs, and to spy on the enemy. But they soon became fighter aircraft's armed with machine guns,
bombs, and sometimes cannons.
Fights between two planes in
the sky became known as
"dog fights".
Chlorine Gas- First used by the German army. It caused burning sensations in the throat and caused chest pains. You would suffocate to death.

Mustard Gas- Most deadly weapon used and was fired into the trenches. It was colorless and took 12 hours to take effect.
-blistered skin
-sore eyes
-internal and external bleeding
-death can take up to 5 weeks
The first tank was called "Little Willie," it included a crew of 3. The maximum speed was 3 mph, and could not cross trenches. The more modern tank could carry 10 men, it had a revolving turret, and could reach up to 4 mph.
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