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Similarities and Differences Between Sleeping and Meditation

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Sabrina Davoudzadeh

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences Between Sleeping and Meditation

The reason why we sleep is because it gives your brain a chance to sort and store information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems
The average amount of sleep for the following for 14-15 hours of sleep for babys, 13-15 for children, 8-9 hours for teens, 7-8 for adults
During both sleep and metabolism metabolic activity is reduced. Reduced metabolism allows your mind to go to the state of relaxation
They both give you deep rest
They refresh our minds

When you are asleep you have no control and you don't know what is happening and when you are meditating you are in charge of controlling mind

the person is consicious of the things around them during meditation and ignores everything around them by focusing on your mind.

In sleeping you are unware of your surroundings especially in a deep sleep or REM stages of sleeping
Research has shown that when meditating you feel deep relaxation which can influencec genetic changes in the body that can be link to things such as blood pressure, metabolism etc.
Art of Living

Is sleep a kind of meditation

Power naps vs. meditation

Meditation: It can be a gateaway to one inner's stability and true peace in addition to love and happiness
Similarities and Differences Between Sleeping and Meditation
Sleeping:is naturally a recruiting state characterized by altered consciousness
By Sabrina Davoudzadeh
By Sabrina Davoudzadeh
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