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Copy of Primary and Secondary Sources

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Adam "The Mussell" Russell

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary and Secondary Sources
By: Oscar Valadez and Daniel Mora
A primary source is an original piece of evidence that contains first-hand witness information. These sources are mostly produced during the time of the event.
Source: http://www.princeton.edu/~refdesk/primary2.html
Key difference between a primary and a secondary source:
Part 1: What are Primary and secondary sources?
Ancient Mayan Primary Sources
Part 2: Example
Part 1: What are Primary and Secondary sources?
Part 3: Secondary Sources
A secondary source is a piece of evidence that includes information about a subject, but wasn't written at the time, which makes it a secondary source, or a reference piece.
Part 1: What are Primary and Secondary sources?
A primary source could be a more biased, original source because it was written at the time of the event by a witness with his or her opinions, while a secondary source could be more objective and interpretive due to it being more of a referenced or summarised document.
Source: http://www.princeton.edu/~refdesk/primary2.html
Textbooks are an example of a secondary source.
The Diary of Anne
Frank is an example of
a primary source.
Use the following primary sources and links to investigate the past and complete your quiz.

Primary Source 1
Primary Source 2
Primary Source 3

Secondary Source 1
Secondary Source 2
Secondary Source 3
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