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Eloquent Public Online Access

The latest Web-based public access - live screen shots from customer sites.

Eloquent Systems (old)

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Eloquent Public Online Access

Replace with your Logo Keyword plus one or Search for items with "mitchell" published 2003 or after. Click to read publication. "mitchell" pages identified. Click for context. Read publication. Opens to 1st page and
highlights the search word. Click icon
for picture. Open/close
with icons. Text from database. Request by email. Page through related images. Watermark applied by software. The email is pre-populated with
all important data. Just add signature
and click "Send". Link to image requested. Address of archives office. Name taken from database. Click for
descriptive detail. Mouse-over face for names Sample picture with tagging Instructions for the public. Public Comments on Detail Display Note: These comments were entered for
demo purposes only. Your public
would have more realistic comments. Drill down Public Access Welcome Page (Can be custom tailored.) from favorite/popular Your choice of links as you wish Modify this frame as you wish Modify this frame Precision Search (optional) Sample Welcome Pages Customer Databases from (not latest version) Sample Search in Action Sample Drill Down Sample Image add names to photographs. Members can associated with the item No limit to text (samples exceed 100 pages) comments about specific items. Members (registered public) can leave (subject to moderation) Drill Down Sample Get count prior to
clicking for results. Also get count of other items linked to
a topical subject and a proper name. Click to get detail about and Geographic Proper Names This authorized term and all related data automatically becomes available to the 100's of descriptive records that may be linked to it. (can be linked to Google Maps) Now some Version 5.2 (#4 or 21 on browse list) Pick category of Geographic Names
to get the list of names. Google Maps Module See all locations
on a single map Click for detail
about church Click for more detail about name authority A wealth of other output Save desired items to list;
view list; and
get a wide selection of output options Some Output Options ASCII - CSV Excel Spreadsheet HTML Publication HTML Index XML EAD MARC Precision Search Pre-select specific proper
name(s) from authority file. Tag & take from
browse list of
subjects containing
the search word. Repeat if necessary. Add more search terms. Create Boolean logic. topical subject proper name authority. two other intuitive access points. Sample of multiple images attached to one descriptive record caption for each image. Hover over to get Click any image to get full size gallery display of all. for input into another system as published database Search word can be anywhere in the name authority. Gallery of 199 pictures Authorized Proper Name Any amount of text Map provided for geographic name for import into other systems with links back to your Eloquent database for more detail. for import into other systems with links back to your Eloquent database for reporting and import to other systems for static online document with links back to your Eloquent database for online access by search engines such as Google
links back into your Eloquent database for online access by search engines such as Google
links back into your Eloquent database with links back into your Eloquent database Eloquent database for import into your library
with link back to your Also get Google
Earth & Satellite Thank You Thanks you for taking time to learn about our Eloquent search engine.
For hands-on experience, go to the Eloquent databases our customers have online for the public. WWW.eloquent-systems.com. "Our Clients" Merv Richter, President Eloquent Systems Inc Press Esc to exit. at Translate this page to any written language. access points Customer defined Eloquent Public Online Access This presentation illustrates how easy it is for your clients/patrons to find exactly the information they need from your database.
It may be the general public or only designated members of your organization. They find digital content as well as descriptive information about the documents/objects.
It is all organized according to professional standards so that they do not waste time on irrelevant information. A link from your homepage takes them to a welcome page similar to the following: Anyone can request a copy. Click to show all locations on the map. Special module is not required for basic link. City Hall (1899-1965) They can be found under:
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