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Pedro Rodrigues Filho

No description

Noelle Summers

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Alfenas, Minas Gerais
-Age 15, Murdered the mayor for firing his father on accusations of stealing food from the school kitchen where he worked.Pedro then found and murdered the real thief

Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo
-Pedro meets Maria Aparecida Olympia, they fall in love and move in together and start selling drugs and committing burglaries
-Maria is murdered by some gang members
-Pedro is furious when Maria is killed and determined to find the real killer he tortured and murdered every gang member he could find until he found out who killed Maria bringing his body count up to 10 before the age of 18
-Pedro's father murders his mother with a machete
-Pedro murders his father, cuts out a piece of his heart and ate it
May 24, 1973
-Pedro is arrested
-He was transported with another prisoner to the jail and when they arrived police found Pedro had murdered the other prisoner when they asked him why he said "he was a rapist"

-In Brazil the maximum sentence any person can serve is 30 years
-While Pedro was incarcerated he murdered at least 47 inmates bringing his total body count to 71
-The crimes he committed inside the prison allowed them to hold him an additional 4 years
-He was released on April 24, 2007
Pedro Rodrigues Filho
Santa Rita do Sapucai, Brazil
-Pedro was born in 1954 with an injured skull as a result of the beatings his mother endured while she was pregnant
-Pedro was the oldest of 14, 10 sisters and 3 brothers
-At age 13 he pushed his older cousin into a sugar cane press during an argument, the boy survived.
-Pedro's youngest brother was killed by "the bandit"
-Pedro attended school until age 13 where he caused chaos and fear
Murders during incarceration
-The bandit for murdering his brother
-The park maniac- in an interview said " What did he spoils the people who are stuck. He made ​​a barbarity. Killed a lot of helpless little girl. I have hatred."
-Murdered his roommate because he snored
-Murdered his friend for raping his sister
-Murdered a man within moments of meeting him and said "I knew I don't like him"
-Murdered yet another inmate "he touch kid. I have to kill"
-Pedro had an excuse for all 47 murders he committed behind bars he stated in several interviews
Psych Evaluation
In 1982 Psychiatrists Antonio José Elias and Andraus Zoner Norberto Jr., evaluated Pedro for an expert opinion
-wrote that the greatest motivation of his life was 'a violent assertion of self'
-Diagnosed "paranoid character and antisocial"
-In an interview Pedro was asked "When you kill someone, what comes to mind?" Pedro responded "None, nothing. No remorse, no nothing. I have a philosophy traitor must die" Psychopath- someone with no remorse
Pedrinho Matador
(Killer Petey)
-The nickname he was given by the community when he became a hero to them for killing the serial killers who were hurting helpless women and children.

Santa Catarina
-Arrested September 15, 2011 on charges of rioting and false imprisonment Pedro is currently awaiting trial
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