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Canada West

No description

Sean Lei

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Canada West

By: Anisha, Brian, Rahulan, Sammy, Sean
Canada West
The Landforms
One benefit that Canada west has is that they have oil and was one of the biggest industries in Canada West
Canada west also was wealthy in farmland and forests somewhere in the 1800s
Canada West is located today in the nowadays Canadian Shield.
The Canadian Shield is generally rocky and it was formed over 4 600 000 000 years ago
Factories have been rising and new farm equipment has been used
Welcome to....
After the Great Migration, the population of Canada West grew.
The People
The Advantages
As the population of Canada West has grown alot since the Great Migration, many problems and wants occured from the people
Good farmland has been running low so people wanted the land of Rupert's Land and Hudson Bay's Company to open up.
Since there were more people in Canada West they wanted representation by population, as there would be more representatives to represent their vast amount of people
Also wanted confederacy as they felt it would greatly benefit the colonies
Most of those living in Canada West were of British Descent or Scottish.
At this time Canada West was mainly Protestant and spoke English unlike their counterpart, Canada East who talked French and were Roman Catholics
An intercolonial railway would allow troops to be transported throughout the colonies, not to mention that supplies could also be transported with it
As the British has gone cheap, they have pulled back a lot of their forces from Canada. In case they are under attack, an army would be dispatched through steam boats.
Confederacy and the combination of arms would increase their chances of overcoming their enemies
As the Amercian Civil war was raging in the South, the colonies were afraid of an attack
Canada West is considered the strongest colony of BNA
Wanted the intercolonial railway as it would connect them to the maritime colonies year-round.
The End
There were many different kinds of people in Canada west
It was mostly British, Scottish and Irish Protestants
There was also some leftover aboriginal Tribes for examples the Crees, and the Ojibway who lived in special land given to them
Has warm humid summers and cold winters
Some parts have an abundance of snowfall
Temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year are perfectly normal
Canada West wanted to have representation by population due to the fact that over the past years political deadlock occurred many times
There were 4 political parties in Canada west.
Political Parties
(Not all in Canada West)
Problems in Jobs
In Canada West male inhabitants were dominant among the available jobs
Many females were rejected at certain job and were presumed worse than men
To make problems worse, the jobs that were allowed for women were underpaid and they received most of the time, less that males
It wasn't only the women, children as young as 9 years old would work in dangerous factories and were also underpaid
Child labor was a serious problem
They had two main parties in Canada West, Clear Grits and Liberal-Conservative Party.
Parti Rouge
Parti Bleu
The Clear Grits
George Brown was the leader of the Clear Grits while the famous John A. MacDonald was the Liberal-Conservative party.
It is also very hilly
Most of the fresh water found in Canada West is from the Great Lakes
During the 1800's though, a common problem was drunkenness as many people were becoming drunk and reckless
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