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Cell Analogy

No description

Nicole Bernal

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

A cell is like...
The Cell Membrane is like the body of water
The body of water surrounding New York City is like the membrane because it makes it city's shape the way it's and encloses the city allowing only certain substances into the cell (like ferries to an example) known around Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens. Water is also similar because the cell membrane is a jelly like substance.
The cell wall are like tolls
The tolls are like the cell wall because it supports/ protects anything bad from entering the cell and to keep it's structure and there are tolls before entering the city all around so there are no escaping the tolls and can act as a filtering system of letting things in and out. It also is a very strong structure
The cytoplasm are like roads into the city
the road is like the cytoplasm because it contains organelles (city buildings and factories) and keep them in place and lead them to their destination, if not they would become corrupt and instead of going the the correct destination, you would go to a incorrect one.
The cytoskeleton are like the subways
The cytoskeleton gives support and shape of the cell and the subway lines are to shape of the city as they also represent the fiberous look as it extends throughout the cytoplasm (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens)
The nucleolus is like City hall
the nucleolus is like city hall because the nucleolus makes laws for the whole city to follow like the nucleolus makes ribosomes and proteins.
*what is yellow is the cell membrane
Cell wall
The nucleus and nuclear membrane are like the police officers
The police officers are like the nucleus because they control everyday normal activities of the people and protect the people (like the nuclear membrane protects the nucleus. They also hold information, like nucleus holds DNA, of the people In their computers.
Mitochondria is like a powerplant
The powerplant is like mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, because it is the powerplant of the city and gives it energy
Chloroplast is like a solar panel
Chloroplast is like a solar panel because a solar panel traps in sunlight which produces energy for the city. In a plant, food that the chloroplast makes (glucose) is produced to be used by the plant.
The ribosomes are like the restaurants in the city
The ribosomes make RNA and protein for the cell just like restaurants to make food for the people eating and give protein for people to keep on going.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum are like factories
The rough ER is covered with ribosomes and make protein along with rRNA and smooth ER does not have ribosomes and makes lipids. They also send out newly made proteins for transport A factory does almost the same. They make items and transport them throughout the city or the world.
The Golgi body is like the USPS
The gogi body which is made up of membrane organelle modifies and packages carbohydrates like USPS takes your packages, which you want to send, packs them up in tape if needed and it ships out to anywhere in the country like the carbohydrates gets shipped out throughout the body.
Lysosomes are like large grocery store
Lysosomes store energy just like the groceries stores food which give energy to our body and cells. They are stored there until they need to be used to do every day functions.
The vacuole is like a warehouse
The vacuole is like a warehouse because it stores food for digestion and waste material out of the cell. For the warehouse, it is like storing their items and then any material no longer needed of the items will be disposed of.
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