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Blood and the Y chromosome

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Blood and the Y chromosome

Blood and the Y chromosome
To know how we can have four different blood groups
To know how some conditions can be linked to the gender of an individual
Each allele, A and B are BOTH _______t. This means that if they are both present or the person is g_______ ____, then both _____s or a_______s wil be produced.
Sex link
Sex linked conditions are usually on the Y chromosome as it is BIGGER than the X chromosome.
Next - 'Pedigree'
Are you colour blind?
Blood groups
There are ____ blood groups, __,__,___ and ___. These exist because there are ____ alleles for protein production. This protein is called an _______n. The al_____ A makes one type of protein and ___ makes another. If you are blood group O you do not have either allele.
Haemophilia and colour blindness
X linked - watch the board
Some INFERNAL questions!!
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