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Gary Ridgway , "Green River Killer"

No description

Alexa Morel

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Gary Ridgway , "Green River Killer"

Gary Ridgway , "Green River Killer"
Prostitutes or Runaways
Most were residents of King County, Washginton
Between ages of 15 - 40
Any ethnicity (No preference)
Victims were vulnerable and easy to get alone
Did not focus on physical features (height, body type) but on the convenience of the crime
Picked up on the Pacific Coast Highway
Victims had no one who would care or notice their absence
Organized Killings
Lured women into his car by showing them a picture of his son in order to earn their trust
Killed the victims in either his house, car, or somewhere in the woods then disposed of their bodies somewhere else
Strangled them with their own clothes, which left no physical evidence on Ridgway to connect him to the crime
Took all the womens' clothes/jewlery to get rid of evidence and make the victims harder to identify
He had yard sales, which included the items he took off of the women he killed
Put some of the dead bodies in clusters so he could keep track of the number of women he killed
Used a landmark to remember where each cluster was
Planted evidence with other people's DNA (chewing gum, coffee cups, etc.)
Ridgway was only convicted for 48 of the murders
Green River Killer Victims
Highway where most of the victims disappeared
Case Study
Organized killer: Killed victims in one place and disposed them in another, chose prostitutes since they're easy to be picked up without being notcied, & took the victims' clothes/jewlery to get rid of evidence and make them harder to identify.
Most victims found around the Green River in Seattle, Washington
The victims are female prostitutes or runaways from the ages 15-31
Method of killings: Strangulation

Anti Personality Disorder
Lack of conscience
Disregard for other people's rights or safety
No remorse
Failure to conform to social norms (breaking the law)
Able to manipulate people's emotions
Psychological Profile
In some ways Ridgway did fit the profile the FBI had put together, but in other ways he did not
Familiar with the area where bodies are found
Mid 20s to early 30s
High or standard intelligence (Untrue: IQ=82)
Loner/Antisocial (Untrue: He was married most of the time he was killing)
Aggressive (Untrue: he knew how to control his emotions really well)
Unemployed (Untrue: He worked at the same job for 30 years)
Strong Build (Untrue: He was tall but skinny. When he went to pick up prostitutes, they would often ask if he was the killer but he would point to himself and say it wasn't possible)
Event in Personal Life
At the age of 16, Gary attempted to commit his first crime. He led a little 6 year old boy into the woods and stabbed him in the ribs. However, the boy survived and he stated that Gary was laughing as he walked away, thinking that the boy would bleed to death, and said, "I always wondered what it would be like to kill."

He grew up Seattle, WA with both his parents and his two brothers
Gary wet his bed until he was 13 & his mother would embarrass him in front of his family because of it
He would witness his parents' violent arguments causing him emotional distress
Gary had conflicted feelings of sexual attraction and anger towards his mother
His father talked about necrophilia with his coworkers in front of Gary
His mom used to dress in tight clothing, like a prostitute
Due to his problems at home, he had an IQ score of 82
While in the Navy (18 years old), he spent time with prostitutes and was diagnosed with Gonorrhea
Gary had killed a total of 71 women, but was only found guilty of 48 of them.
He began killing in 1982, but was not caught until 2001
In order to avoid the death penalty, he agreed to help the police find the missing victims' bodies
He was a mission-oriented killer (wanted to get rid of as many prostitutes as possible)
Borderline Personality Disorder
Unstable relationships: He was married and divorced 3 times
Problems regulating emotions/thoughts
Impulsive and dangerous behaviors (unsafe sex)
Unpredictable emotions and sexual behaviors
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