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network marketing

Abdalla Hor

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of wesway

Licenses in Dubai:
Name Reservation : No. 1288949
Commercial licenses in Dubai 681 843
Licenses in Egypt:
Commercial Registry Number 5497
tax file 5/215/520/11 International travelling company
A group of Arab financiers
Offices :
1 - Head office : Dubai
2 - Egypt ( Administrative Office ) Malaysia
USA Net Work Marketing soon Other Offices Product 1.1-Resorts 8D/7N
2 P - 6P
150: 300$ 5D/4N
2 P - 6 P
100: 200$ 1.2 Hotels 4D/3N

2P – 2 ch
3 p this great company gives us
4 products not 1 1.3 cruises 2.Discount Membership 1-On Hotels per Night 20% to 40 %

2- On Car rental

3-On air Flights SOON 4.the surprise Big Deal
with compensation plans 1- Uni Levels
4-Residual income
5-CHIF Uni Level you B4 B3 B2 B1 10 % = 30$ 7.5 % = 22.5$ 5% = 15$ 2.5% = 10$ pairs Then you enter a professional board
It means that you minimum earn 390$ by Unilevel only

Persons in B1 minimum earns 270$ to every one

Persons in B2 minimum earns 150$ to every one

Persons in B3 minimum earns 60$ to every one Boards You can take 20 $ about every one Pair
And there are 2 ranks in Pairs system You can make pair by more than 2 lines
Taking commissions of pairs every 15 days
max out in the first rank is 2500$ per 15day
max out in the second rank 5000$ per 15 day Ranks 1- Beginner Thanks for attention 2-Junior 3-Senior 4-leader 5-captain 6-commander 7-Vice Chief 8-CHIEF
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