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Stormbreaker Matthieu Carpentier

The best prezi for understanding Stormbreaker

Matthieu Carpentier

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Stormbreaker Matthieu Carpentier

Thanks for whatching! Stormbreaker Alex Rider,
Mr. Grin,
Ian Rider,
Yassen Gregorovich,
Mrs. Jone,
Herod Sayle, The Solution and Ending of the Book What happen Alex took the place of Felix Lester to be the first person to use the Stormbreaker. Or doing other thing like, spy on Mr.Sayle, and discover the mystery of the Stormbreaker. The Mystery of Ian Rider's death London,
Old street roundabout,
West London streets,
Port Tallon,
Sayle Enterprice. The Problems Herod Sayle is going to give a gift to Great Britain.
The gift is to provide to every children of every school in Great Britain computers named Stormbreaker for free. Made by Matthieu Carpentier Thanks for watching Alex's uncle had been killed in a car accident. But Alex knows that this is a lie, because of two simple facts about his uncle:
1. His uncle always wear his seat belt.
2. There bullets holes in the door. And now Alex had been recruited to finish his uncle's work: discover the mystery of the Stormbreaker computer.
And find his uncle's killer! But Alex stopped Herod Sayle just before he release the virus that are in every computer to save the children in Great Britain. And continue to be a secret spy. But Yassen is there and Mr.Grin too, they both try to kill Alex many times. The Persons and Places to known
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