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Animals in danger of extinction in Colombia.

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angelica ascencio

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Animals in danger of extinction in Colombia.


It’s going to be a trend next year because it’s the official pet of the 2014 world cup in Brazil. Before of it, the armadillo was threatened, because people ate his meat. Currently it’s threatened because of the deforestation and the expansion of the agriculture, what force them to migrate to places where they don’t know how to survive, this animal which can looks like a ball, lives in the coast and the eastern plains. The armadillo also is in danger of extinction because they are sold as a decoration and to market their meat.


Currently it is in danger of extinction in our country for the loss of habitat, also because people the hunt to steal their feathers and to commercialize it illegally.
We can help denouncing people that sell illegally these animals, before animal protection agencies.

Jessica Ahumada.
Ella Cecilia Angel.
Brayan A. Garcia.
Daniel Rodrigez.

Animals in danger of extinction in Colombia
Caribbean Manatee

One of the main reasons is hunting for bushmeat, another reason is the shock they receive when the ships pass through their habitat by the lack of space and they do not die instantly get injured and die from infection, pollution water, fishing nets that humans discarded at sea also cause death of these animals and last but not least is the deterioration of their habitat by the construction of buildings

Lazy Bear

The lazy bear is suffering from increasing traffic of its kind, especially newborns (70% of the trafficked, the mother will probably die while fighting because they do not carry the baby) are destined to die, especially intestinal infections and respiratory.
They are also threatened by habitat destruction. According to the IDEAM, each year 90,000 hectares of natural forests where these animals live are destroyed, which risks further existence.

We must to take care of Colombian tropical forest animal species
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