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Stop Motion Animation Throughout The Years

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Ayeisha Watkins

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Stop Motion Animation Throughout The Years

Stop Motion Animation Throughout The Years

Thomas Edison was the first pioneer of stop motion animation. He created a short 18 second clip using Stop motion, "The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots". In this he did a scene jump, where he had an actress who was then replaced with a dummy when she was executed.
"The Execution of Mary Queen Of Scots"
The way that Thomas Edison had made this short clip shocked many people as it looked so realistic, many people believed that it was actually a real person being Executed. It was different from what people were used to seeing so few people did not like it.
When was it created and how did it effect Stop Motion Animation?
Thomas Edison made this short film in 1895, when it was created it was something new that not many people understood and the way it was made was not well known.
After 1895 others wanted to start making films like this as part of entertainment, The short clip helped people discover a new way of making films.
Helen Smith-Dayton had one of the most significant inputs into the world of Stop Motion Animation as she was the first woman animator.
She would use clay models to create her animations. Her most famous piece of work was a clay-mation of Romeo&Juliet in 1917

Joseph Sunn created a claymation, "The Penwiper", This animation was quite well known around the time of it being made. He created this after the work of Helena Smith-Dayton who was the first person to create a Claymation.
When was it made and how did it effect Stop Motion Animation?
Helena Smith-Dayton made her Claymation in 1917. She effected the way Stop Motion Animation was seen as she was the first woman to be an Animator. Many others began to idelise her as she showed women, and men, that she was able to do the job just as well as they did it. This helped younger people to realise that it was not only men who were able to become animators.
When was it created and how did it effect Stop motion Animation?
Josephs short film was created in 1920. The film effected the way stop motion animation is created to date, as it showed different and unique techniques of how we can give great detail into shuch a short piece. It also made people think about how they could create their own short films using clay models.
Merian C. Cooper
Edgar Wallace
Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace were the two main people who were involved in the story line of The Original King Kong although Edgar was not involved in the production of the film.
The Original King Kong was a mixture of Stop Motion Animation and Live action, using a Gorilla Toy and Clay lady for scenes where they were on screen together. To do this movie they used layers, they would film the clay lady adn the gorilla after they have filmed the background. This would then be layered onto each other to create the film. We know it was made by layers as the women is never behind the gorilla.
When was it made and how did it effect Stop Motion Animation?
The film was produced in 1933. It had a large effect on Stop Motion Animation as it showed people that you could create a film using both live action and stop motion. Before this film was made no one knew this was possible but now-a-days we see many films using this technique and blending the two filming styles together. Recently there has been another King Kong film which has been created to match almost exactly to the original film.
In 1933 Aleksandr Ptushko also created a stop motion film, He made "Gulliver's Travels" the original version. He did this with Puppets instead of clay models or Toys, It had one actor in it but the minority of the film was using puppets to create an amazing piece of stop motion animation.
When was it created and how did it effect Stop Motion Animation?

It was created in late 1933, it has effected the way people see stop motion animation. Before this production many people had only seen stop motion being done with toys, clay figures and actors. He introduced a new side of the animation ways because he used puppets.


Willis O'Brien was the pioneering animator throughout this film, it is known that he used this as, what people would called, his "warm up" to the next production he was to make, which was King Kong (The Original)
Willis used plastersyne modles and a toy gorilla for scenes where they are together in the movie.
The Fliecher Brothers
Max Fliecher and Dave Fliecer, who were brothers, Created the Fliecher Studios Inc. which was founded in 1921.
The first ever version of betty boop was created in 1930 however her character developed more and became a well known character during 1933
The more well known design of betty boops character started out in 1933.
Another well known cartoon that the Fliecher Brothers created was Popeye. This was made after betty boop and made its way up the scale to become a very well known character around the world
When was it made and how did effect stop motion animation?
Max and Dave Fliecher created their cartoons between 1930-1938 but developed them throughout the years. Their creations effected the way stop motion was seen as most stop motion characters were animals, this was the main difference between the Fliecher brothers makings and other stop motion productions. It showed that it was just as easy to create human characters that could be animated.
Jason and the argonaughts
ray arryhausen
Ray HarryHausen created a film which mixed real life action and stop motion animation. The main part of the film which used stop motion animation is when the soilders are fighting again skeletons.
To create this part of his film he used clay models of skeletons which he filmed in front of each frame of live action. He would have first filmed the live action then moved it frame by frame behind the skeletons and taking pictures each time to create the stop motion effect.
Ray has worked along side other films such as Mysterious Island and The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
Disney experimented with the way Stop Motion was made when they made a stop motion cartoon, known as Micky Mouse. It is a 2D Stop Motion Animation.
When was it made and how did effect Stop Motion Animation?

It was made in 1963, it effected stop motion slightly because it gave a new insight of how things can be animated in different ways, the way he made this showed that stop motion again didnt just have to be made with only clay. It showed us how to create a mixture of stop motion and live action in one film.
When was it made and how did effect stop motion animation?

Micky mouse was created by Disney in 1978, it was originally started as an experiment but continued as disney liked it and though it was a very good cartoon. It effected our way we see stop motion as it was short comical programs that used 2D stop motion.
Mark paul Chinoy
"I go pogo" was a film created by Mark Paul Chinoy which was based on a famous pogo comic strip. This film was only aired a few times on american cable but was not released comercially.
When was it made and how did it effect Stop Motion Animation?

"I go Pogo" was created in 1980, it didnt have a huge effect on stop motion animation as few things had been made like this before, peopel just saw it as an entertainment source, and due to only being shown a few times it was not that well known around the world, mainly known in america.
w llace and gromit
Nick park is most known for his creations of Creature comforts and Wallace and Gromit.
Creature comforts was created after wallace and gromit and is about zoo animals and their thoughts about being in captivity and the thoughts they may have about their surroundings.
Wallace and Gromit is Nick Parks most known and probably his best piece of work. It has had one feature length Film, 10 2 minuite short films, 4 minute films and 1 6-part series.
When were they made and how did they effect Stop Motion Animation?

Both these films and TV shows were made around 1989. They were both very big asnd are still very well known, wallace and gromit is the one that changed idea the most as it was using claymation. It was one of the most popular, and still is, claymation animations that almost everyone in the world will have seen.

However Creature Comforts showed that you can use audio at the same time as creating a stop motion animation. This is done when the audio is an interviewer asking the Zoo animals about their opinions.
Tim burton
Nick parks
Tim burton has created many film that use
stop motion animation such as "Corpse Bride"
Recently many things that seem to be stop motion animation are actually CGI but there are few films like "Coraline" that are still made using Stop Motion Animation
Nick Parks is also another recent Animator who has worked on different films with different people.
The last selection of videos are stop motion animation films and TV shows that have been made between 2000- present.
When was it made and how did it effect Stop Motion Animation?

These have all been made over the past 14 years and have helped us to understand the development of stop motion since when it first started
Another Animator that has worked on animations throughout the past 14 years but is less noticed and not as famous is Henry Selly
When was it made and how did it effect stop motion animation?

The lost world was made in 1925, it only efected stop motion animation in the way it was made, as it was made using layering with different types of film, such as filming a real actor, but they used a plastersyne lady and a toy gorilla when scenes together were needed. This made us learn how we can use both real life action and stop motion within one film.
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