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Evangelism Workshop I

No description

Titus Ng

on 21 May 2016

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Transcript of Evangelism Workshop I

Evangelism Workshop I
Fish with Trish
Tools for Evangelism?
How well do you know the Gospel?
Where would you start?
How would you explain the Christian Faith in a clear and simple manner?
What is Evangelism?

Basically means to tell people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ
What is Evangelism?
By: Philip D.Jensen and Tony Payne (Matthias Media)
To be Equip with:

- a clear understanding and knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

- the basic skills of how to explain the Gospel to others with 2waysToLive
What went wrong in this conversation?
Workshop Outline
Day 1 : To be taught 2WaysToLive Evangelistic Tool
Day 2 : To discuss how to handle and manage the responses after evangelizing
God : The Creator and Loving Ruler of the World
Revelation 4:11
Humanity in Rebellion
God's Judgement on our Rebellion
Jesus who died for our Rebellion
Jesus the Risen Ruler
The Choice we all face: 2 Ways to Live
Romans 3: 10-12
Hebrews 9:27
1 Peter 3:18
1 Peter 1:3
John 3:36
Padded 2 Ways to Live
To be Continued...
Practice Makes Perfect!
Practice makes Perfect
1. Memorise the Rote presentation of 2waysToLive

2. Memorise the 6 Bible Verses

3. Practice Rote Presentation with at least one of your family members.

4. Pray for your Partner
1st 3 boxes
Last 3 boxes
Something COOL
Ten Commandments
Pointing Out our Sinful and rebellious nature against God
By: Kirk Cameron
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