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Michael Jordan

No description

Chris Woodward

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan: The Greatest Athlete Alive greatest athlete alive . Jordan a sophomore in high school he
make the team because he was too small. When was not able to was Practice Basketball Practice Basketball Practice Basketball Practice Basketball Practice Basketball Practice Basketball Thanks to hard work and strong will the next year he was able to pass the test high school Jordan to North Carolina. and make the team. After went While still in college Jordan won an Olympic gold medal. In the NBA Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls In 1991 with his Phil Jackson... coach Jordan led his team to win the National Championship three years in a row! In 1992 Jordan win his 2nd gold in the Olympics! medal In 1993 Jordan's father was dead. found Jordan from basketball and decided to play is father's sport. retired Baseball favorite In 1995 Jordan his and returned. could not leave favorite sport was able to succeed He and won the championship for the next 3 years! In 1999 Jordan retired again and became owner and president of the Washington Wizards Only to play again... At the end of the 2003 season, Jordan for his 3rd and final time. retired Michael Jordan did not . He 7 days a week. give up practiced hard Everyday to to the basketball court. he got up early catch the first bus was able to Jordan retired
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