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Plot Map for : The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant

plot map

Sequoyah Stone

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Plot Map for : The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant

(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
The Narrator
Sheila Mant
The Bass
Late August
The River
Begin Rising Action
Central Conflict
The Narrator gets the nerve up to ask Sheila Mant to the concert in Dixford.
He (without thinking) puts the fishing pole in the boat and baits it, letting the line in the water.
The Narrator convinces Sheila to ride in his canoe instead of her car.
Sheila tells him that she doesnt like fishing.
More Conflicts
The Bass (somehow) ends up on the line of his fishing pole, and starts to drag the boat downstream. BACKWARDS!
The Narrator must decide between Sheila and The Bass.
The Bass tires out, leaving The Narrator with a problem: reel in The Bass and lose Sheila, OR lose The Bass and stay with Sheila.......
The Narrator makes his decision: Cut The Bass loose, and row to the concert with Sheila
Falling Action
The Narrator takes Sheila to the concert, only to have her tell him that she'll ride home in Eric Caswell's Corvette :-(
The Narrator is told by Sheila "You're a funny kid, you know that?" And he realizes that there would be other Sheila Mants, and other fish...
He then says "Though I came close once or twice, it was in these secret, hidden tuggings in the night that claimed me, and I never made the same mistake again."
The theme of this story is to be yourself. If the narrator had been himself instead of trying to impress Sheila, he would have gotten at least one catch: The Bass, and at the same time realized he wouldn't want to go out with a girl who doesn't like fishing.
Sequoyah Stone
1st Period

Plot Diagram
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