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Francis Bacon

No description

Joy Gimei

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Francis Bacon

A New Scientific Method
Bacon often argued Aristotle and Plato's ideas about how an experiment should be conducted. Bacon tried to propose a process with more emphasis on experimentation. He believed gathering and critically analyzing data were crucial things that needed to be added to the experimenting process. when he first suggested the idea in his early adult years, it was turned down by Queen Elizabeth and Lord Burghley. However finally, in 1620, he published his ideas and which then proved him to be a true philosopher of science
Bacon's teachings and methods challenged the peolple to think beyond what others were telling them. He challenged them to experiment and draw conclusions to come up with answers. He created a world where people started to use logic to get their answers.
Francis Bacon

Born January 22, 1561 in Strand, London
Bacon's beginning beliefs helped shape the way people get answers to their questions today. He also influenced how scientists tested theories.
Francis Bacon completely changed the way science is interpreted and studied today. He transformed the process scientists take to conduct an experiment, test theories and answer tough questions. He caused scientists to think more logically and not to biased.
English writer who helped change the way experiments were done

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For institutions like the Catholic Church, Bacon's teachings weren't such great news. In that day and age, people depended a lot on the church for answers to their questions. When Francis' ideas started to become used and people began looking for logical answers, it took a lot of power from the church.
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There was no specific person that influenced Bacon. However, Bacon himself went on to influence many other scientists and people all over the world.
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