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Christian Beliefs

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mustafa El Ghandour

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Christian Beliefs


When a person officially admits his trust in the church and God.
The belief in which God is one, but He takes 3 forms. The Father, the Son, and God.
Catholic Trinity
Christ/Jesus was believed to be born without a father. This proven by the fact that his mother, Mary, is virgin. That is why she is called Virgin Mary. Jesus is thought to be half-God in is belief. Jesus is thought to be the savior of the human race.
Miraculous Birth of Christ
Jesus was accused of a crime and crucified. He died after that horrible punishment. He is thought to have gone through with this (even though he is believed to be God himself) so that the Original Sin and all of humanity's other sins are erased. It was considered a sacrifice.
Crucifixion of Jesus
After Jesus's death by Crucifixion, approximately 3 days later, he is thought to have ascended to Heaven. He escaped and tricked death.
Resurrection of Jesus
In the Catholic religion, there is God, you, and the priest. The priest is the bridge between you and God. Therefore, the priest can make your sins forgivable by God, this is the amount of power he has. Penance is when you "confess" your sins to a priest, who can then bring God's forgiveness.
Priesthood and Penance
Catholic Beliefs
There is only one God, and he is the ruler supreme that never makes mistakes. He is the creator of this world.
Adam and Eve
(The Original Sin)
God created Adam and Eve as the very first humans. They sinned and ate an apple from the Forbidden Tree of Knowlege of Good and Evil. They are believed to have cursed all of humanity with the "Original Sin".
God created Adam and Eve as the very first humans, which were meant to do good in the world. God is also the one who caused Adam and Eve's death.

The act of erasing the original sin from a believer. It is done by pouring water on one's head. The parish priest is in charge of baptism.
Baptism is done to erase the Original Sin from one's body. It is performed in order to righteously be able to join the church and lose the sin in which all others originate.
In conformation, you admit that there is only one God, and that you put your full trust in Him.
You cannot perform Baptism (when you are a man) if you do not believe in God and the church.
This is pretty much the same core belief in Islam, for we believe in only one God, Allah. Allah and God are one and the same.
Adam and Eve are both present in Islam as the first humans. Adam sinned and ate from the Forbidden Tree. However, he did not curse all of humanity.
Connection Between Adam and Eve and God
Baptism and Original Sin
God and Confirmation
In the Islamic view, Eeasa (Jesus) is also believed to be born without a father, yet he is not part of God an does not resemble Him in any way. Jesus is just a prophet like any other.
A religious "gathering" that occurs every Sunday. Bread and wine are served in honor of Christ's sacrifice for all of humanity.
Islam also has a religious gathering every Friday, but it is only a prayer an does not include feasting. Also, wine is forbidden in Islam.
Connection Between Jesus's Crucifixion and the Eucharist Gatherings
In the Eucharist, bread and wine are given out in honor of Jesus's sacrifice to mankind during his crucifixion.
A deed that erases all other sins, like killing for example. Jesus sacrificed himself for the atonement of humanity. It is the ultimate act for forgiveness and mercy.
Jesus sacrificed himself in order to atone for all the sins of humanity, and so that he could be their savior.
The priest is the bridge between the follower and God. The priest has the power to bring God's forgiveness and mercy upon the sinned.
God is one, yet he takes three forms in which he reflects and shows His power and dominance to the believers.
If a believer is about to die, a priest gives him holy oil that can bless his spirit and limit his pain as well as strengthen his endurance.
Extreme Unction
The power and significance of the priest is shown again through this ritual, since the priest is the one who executes it. The priest is able to grant holy oil that can ease someone's death process.
Baptism is done in order to atone for the Original Sin of Adam and Eve.
Connection Between Baptism and Atonement.
Connection Between God and Trinity.
Connection Between Crucifixion and Atonement
Connection Between Priesthood and God
Connection Between Extreme Unction and Priesthood
Connection Between Confirmation and Baptism.
The Catholic Trinity states that God could be Jesus. This is probably because of his miracles, especially his resurrection, which has never been accomplished by a human before.
Connection Between the Trinity and the Resurrection
An event resembling a wedding that is held in the church. The priest makes the couple write down their names in a record book in order to prove that the couple are wife and husband untill they die. Divorce is usually not allowed.
The priest, again, is also charge of matrimony. He is so influential to the point where he is the person who basically controls one's life completely or at least partially.
Connection Between Priesthood and Matrimony
A celebration in which a believer becomes a priest, and therefore a member of the clergy.
Holy Orders
The holy orders are celebrations in honor of the new priests, this shows their power and influence as church officials as well as their dominance.
Connection Between Holy Orders and Priesthood
An agreement between Christians about the nature of Jesus and Christianity. It does not necessarily show the beliefs of all Christians, but those who are mostly in common. Established during the reign of Constantine, who attempted reform in the greatly declining Roman Empire.
Nicene Creed
The pope is thought to be "the Vicar of Christ". This means that he is Jesus's successor. By their logic, if you are the successor of Jesus, then you mustn't be able to make mistakes or be wrong about anything. The pope is believed to have all the correct knowledge and is absolutely infallible or correct.
Infallibility of the Pope
Connection Between Resurrection and Infallibility
The pope takes the place of Jesus since he is now in Heaven. Therefore, the pope cannot be wrong because he carries the significance of Jesus with him.
In Islam, communication as well as forgiveness are established directly through the person and Allah. There is no priest/shaikh between them, you talk to God as if he is there with you. That is one of teh beauties of Islam, to be able to talk to God dictly with no interferences.
Connection Between Birth of Christ and Trinity:
The miraculous birth of Christ led to the belief that Jesus coulod be God or his son. This is because no human can be born without a father. God could be the Father or teh Son.
Connection Between Resurrection and the Nicene Creed:
After the Resurrection of Jesus, people were no longer sure about the core beliefs of Christianity. That is why the Nicene Creed was established, to get the world to agreee about the main beliefs of Christianity and to unite all the Christians of the world.
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