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Dear Sophie

Get it? Deer sofa, dear Sophie...

Terri Davis

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Dear Sophie

Get it? Deer Sofa, dear Sophie....
The web is what you make of it.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Google Chrome:
Dear Sophie
Argument Info
Claim - Chrome is a good browser for you to use

Warrant(s) -
connecting with your child is good
connecting through technology is good
Getting your feelings out is good
Your experiences with your child are good and worth documenting
Evidence - Chrome and Google will help you connect with your child and get your feelings out through things like this father has done

Should someone not believe any one of the warrants, the argument is null
Yes, the ad tugs on your heartstrings.

Yes, the ad makes you think being a dad is pretty cool.

Yes, the ad makes you look at your father in a more positive light, believing that you have seen inside of his head.

No, the ad does not make you want to use Chrome.
Google is notorious for doing things such as this. Their commercials are not usually about the product. I've come to the conclusion that Google wants to sell you in the experience, not the product. Google wants you to understand the potential behind their creations and to create an experience in using the product. Unfortunately, no matter how profound, this marketing is not effective because it is distantly related to the product.
A father uses the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up in this video depiction.
The ad, by definition, is persuasive. It is trying to persuade you to use the Chrome browser because of its potential for greatness. This potential is demonstrated through pathos, the emotional appeal strategy. The ad itself does not mention Chrome until its conclusion; the ad is disconnected from the product it's selling.

Product is unclear
If it weren't an ad, it wouldn't be persuasive
storytelling, not convincing
Does not work

letters make you feel
music makes you feel
very artfully put together
Claim, Evidence, Warrant
This commercial isn't effective
Analyze the advertisement
Dear Sophie
Literary Devices
The main literary device used in the advertisement is the hyperbole, in sentences such as "I can't wait to share these with you someday." and "Best Father's Day Ever!!!" the writer used these intentionally to relate to the audience in the excitement and rush of being a parent. The advertisement relates being a parent with good experiences that exceed logical experiences. This, again is done intentionally in order to push the pathos persuasion
and relate with the audience on a personal level. The comments section is full of parents who have successfully related their feelings with the commercial. In this, the advertisement is effective. In advertising, it is not.
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